A few questions about volume

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A few questions about volume

Post by Pantherairsoft » Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:16 pm

I'm considering picking up an Etherwave having played recently with some smaller DIY Theramins a friend has and been inspired to mix one into my live set.

For those of you that currently use one…
I'll be using it as a second instrument along side live bass/synth bass and want to be able to turn to it for single notes, wobbles and tones, then straight back to the bass. My only 'worry' is that I was hoping the standard volume settings could be reversed - that is, I wanted to have the volume increase as my hand gets close to the volume antenna rather than it increase as it is moved away - my thought behind this was that I can turn to it stood next to me on stage and fine tune the range of the volume control so that when i move my hand and self away from the theramin it will fall silent.

I assume I am correct in saying that the volume can not be used this way? And that by stepping away from the unit will actually just cause a low pitch drone note to go on…?

As such - would it be fair to say that a simple volume pedal or killswitch on the floor would be the best way to mute/unmute the etherwave, just stomping on it to treat the etherwave almost as an effects pedal.

Also, is it possible to reduce the dynamic range using the volume and pitch controls to have an 'operating area' of 2-3ft rather than the 4-6ft the manual suggests keeping clear. I appreciate this may make fine adjustments more difficult, but at the moment I just need to know it's 'possible' in mind of stages and stage space I come across a lot.

Thanks in advance!

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