Need a cheap way to attenuate a signal?

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Post by tubeampguy » Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:02 pm

Benjamin AM wrote:Looking closely at the picture I believe that I see a wire soldered to the threading. I would take a bet that the original pots were 50k linears, that's what's used on the CP-251.

The threads I mentioned are under the knobs. The view in the picture is obstructed. Even with the knob removed the flat washer and jam nut would probably block it as well.
Pots are stamped "A" for audio taper and "B" for Linear. You can use any value pot you have on hand (in reason) I keep meaning to make some of these for my Moogerfooger rig. It too easy of a project not to.

Another cool trick in a 1/4' TRS plug with a LED soldered between the Tip and the Ring. It gives you a visual when your deciphering CV outputs.

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