104 problems

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104 problems

Post by username » Wed Apr 04, 2007 1:45 pm

Ive been taking the time lately to use all my moog stuff together but I ran into a problem with the expression pedal.When I use it for the mix on my 104 I cant get a completely dry signal and when I put the pedal toe down it cuts the delays off like its exceeding the knobs range. Also it gives me a similar problem on the feedback. I get similar issues when using the exp. on my 103 but its not too bad. Also ,if anyone has a memory man to compare the delay to, im wondering what you think about the oscillation. When I get the memory man going and start turning the time knob I get a nice deep pitch effect like a chug sound whereas on the moog its kind of a smaller pingy sound. Im thinking maybe my 104 has something wrong with it. Any help?

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Re: 104 problems

Post by asd » Wed Apr 04, 2007 8:20 pm

As far as the feedback with the expression pedal goes, I've run into a similar issue. If I have the knob set past zero and push the expression pedal all of the way, then the feedback cuts out somewhat. I've compensated by just not pushing the pedal the full way.

You seem to have a couple different ideas going with the feedback/oscillation, so I don't know if you'll find these comments very relevant. Anyways... If you're not satisfied with the feedback/self-oscillation, there's a pot on the board that you can tweak to get a fuller and more overloaded repeat (I imagine it turns up the feedback's drive). Get in touch with Moog/Amos about that one though.

I've used an lfo set to a higher rate (50-100 or even up further with the 102's carrier) modulating the delay's time to get a really thick and low feedback. Doesn't necessarily sound like the typical echo, but it will really stretch a guitar sound into low end territory. Maybe put the lpf into the feedback loop too...

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Post by toryjames » Sun Apr 08, 2007 2:04 pm

I have noticed the Moog delay sounds much more subtle/tame than my other delays (Memory Man, Boss DM100, Ibanez AD9). I love the versatility of the CV inputs but actually prefer the sound of my Memory Man over the rest. The Moog has a deep muffled sound, while the Electro-Harmonix maintains more of its high frequency content resulting in a brighter sound. I have also noticed that the delay feedback tail is less predictable on the Moog than my other delays. With my MF-104Z, the delayed signal will start swelling and then die away suddenly. I have also noticed weird results using an envelope follower, CV pedal, and LFO to modulate the feedback amount. I had similar reactions when I first bought the pedal, thinking there may have been something wrong with my delay. I am realizing now it is probably just the nature of the 104's circuit design.

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