Connecting, mixing and amplifying Foogers

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Connecting, mixing and amplifying Foogers

Post by Liquid Guy » Tue May 29, 2018 2:30 pm

Hi fellow freaks,

I own almost all foogers by now (only missing the 108...) and being a guitarist I encounter several question about using all of them.
First I'll say that I don't use them with guitar at all - I built them a stand and use them as a modular synth along with a Korg SQ-1 and the CP-251.
I get some great sounds already but it seems like there are endless possibilities to this setup and I need some advice on ways of using.
Generally I take the source either from the 101's self oscillation or the 107 osc out and run them in series through the others. This way I can get plenty of sounds, textures and patterns but where I get stuck is that it's all in series and everything affects everything so I can't get several sounds running at the same time. For example, I would like to take the source osc sound and run it to several different paths, what's the best way to do that? If only the CP-251 had an Audio Processor/Mixer brother...

Now on to amplifying:
To listen to my setup I use a mono out to a guitar amp at the moment. I'm sure that's not the best way to amplify these beasts so any advice would be great. Should I get a sound card and speakers? Maybe a plain stereo receiver?

Another question is about cables: I'm using TS cables for all the Audio and TRS for the CV. That's something to do with using expression pedals as well. Is that ok? Can I use TRS for the Audio? Can I use TS for the CV if I don't use an expression pedal? If I only use one expression pedal in the entire setup, should all of the CV cables be TRS?

Summing up the questions here:
1. How to connect the Foogers in other ways than in series?
2. How to mix them together?
3. What's the best way to amplify them?
4. Using TS and TRS cables.

Thanks for reading and helping!

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