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Best way to use Moogerfoogers with Cubase

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 9:31 am
by motion drive
For now, I use my Moogerfoogers chained and connected directly on my Voyager XL. One thing I don't like about that, when I use the MF Delay, I loose the stereooutput of my XL. The Phaser, Drive and Ringmod I use on the that's fine. Now I thought about one...using the delay as a separate external FX on Cubase for either the Voyager or running plugins thru the delay or the other foogers.

Any Idea how I set this up properly? As said, I have Cubase 9, 4 Foogers, a RME 8x8...and I want to use the stereooutputs of the Voyager and send in Cubase the Mono delay onto that channel...or on plugins.