MF-108m noise solution

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Andy C
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MF-108m noise solution

Post by Andy C » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:27 pm

I got out my Clusterflux yesterday and it was noticeably noisier with a hiss. Today, I remembered that I had been playing the delay time with my Midi-keyboard the last time I used it. I did this again today (It's a lot of fun!) and I heard that the low notes were much noisier than the high notes.
If you turn it off after playing a low note, that noise is there when you turn it back on, even if you disconnect the midi cable and change your settings when it's off. If you end by playing a high note, it is much quieter (but not perfectly silent) when you turn it back on.

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Re: MF-108m noise solution

Post by Alien8 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:27 pm

It makes sense that the low notes are noisier... you are playing the delay time as you know, and lower notes mean longer delay times - which also mean more noise... the delay time multiplier option is a great example of this... the 8x multiplier shows the really degraded signal noise quite well... So, if you are playing midi notes that extend the delay time, the multiplier is being set in the noisy realm. When you play the high note again, you should be back into the "normal" range.

Some of the hiss can be easily removed with a low pass filter, but the really degraded noise is much harder to filter.
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