MF-107 - Freq CV In - What frequency at what voltage?

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MF-107 - Freq CV In - What frequency at what voltage?

Post by michaelsilvestri » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:52 pm

I have a Moogerfooger MF-107 FreqBox. I'm thinking about getting an Arturia Minibrute or Microbrute. I would like to use CV out from an Arturia synth to control the frequency of the oscillator on the FreqBox.

The FreqBox user manual gives this description:
"Freq CV In accepts a -5 to +5 CV signal, and is calibrated for the VCO to change one octave for very volt change at the input. The control input extends the frequency range of the VCO well beyond the 25Hz-1.6KHz range of the front panel Frequency control. The VCO oscillates from sub-audio up to 20KHz."

Does anyone have a more detailed description of the operation of the Frequency CV In on the FreqBox? I understand the range is from -5V to 5V. Is the FreqBox 1V/Oct, 0.93V/Oct, or something else? What frequency will the oscillator be at if I apply 1V, 2V, 3V, etc to Freq CV In? It would be great if someone had the info to complete the list below.

Frequency (Hz) = 16.35
Note = C0
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 32.7032
Note = C1
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 65.4064
Note = C2
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 130.813
Note = C3
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 261.626
Note = C4
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 523.251
Note = C5
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 1046.5
Note = C6
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 2093
Note = C7
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) =4186.01
Note = C8
Moogerfooger CV = ?

Frequency (Hz) = 8372
Note = C9
Moogerfooger CV = ?

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Re: MF-107 - Freq CV In - What frequency at what voltage?

Post by Just Me » Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:26 pm

Since it is totally dependent on where the freq knob is, there is no way to chart it. It is only relative. And since it wasn't made to be an OSC in and of itself, it doesn't track well over a wide range.
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