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Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:53 pm
by MBlom
I'm saving for a Voyager, but since that will take a while my thougts start wandering. I started thinking about getting a .com system instead. For about the same amount as a used Voyager I'll get a basic three oscillator .com modular. But the latter is a modular with possibilities to add different filters and allows me process my bass or guitar in a more flexible way (I guess). On the other hand, it would be wonderful with a stand alone instrument as the Voyager.

Then I started thinking about my foogers and realised I already have a rudimentary one oscillator synth with phaser. For the same amount as above I'd get a second freqbox and control processor, ring mod (which can double as third osc) MuRF and two sets of .com amplifier & envelope (incl power stuff). That could be fun! I realise I need those envelopes and amplifiers to get a "true" synth.

But as I still would need a second party env/amp I might as well get two .com oscillators instead of freqbox and ring mod (ring mod as effect isn't that interesting to me) and maybe a couple of different filers instead of one MuRF.


Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:35 pm
by EricK
Dare I say you need all three?

I started out on a Micromoog, with a dream to have a nos System 15 built from a now defunct company. I purchased a RIngmod to cover the tremelo duties on a Rhodes in need of repair. I got a 921a Osc driver and JUST as I was about to get the 921b and a power supply, I got a medical bill, so I had to settle for the Freqbox and Cp251.

I yearned for a Voyager, but I also yearned for a modular. I had to find a medium. I had to get the most synth for the least amount of money, and as the system 15 was 14K, it was much easier to just go the Voyager route, and let the micro move into semi-retirement.

Then I got my Voyager select and vx351 for 2999 and it was that price that did it for me. I pounced.

This is what I'm working with now. I hate to say this, but if I would have had both side-by-side to choose from, I might have well chosen the dotcom. I purchased the Voyager intending it to be a supplement to the 15 and to replace the micro.

Here is the conclusion that I came up with.
The Moog Delay is absolute. I could do with a few more.
The phaser is a keeper no matter what.
I like the Freqbox and the Ringmod, but I wish they were in MU format.
I didn't really need the LPF, but I got it to have the fooger modular which still required me to purchase envgens and vcas.
The Cp251 is a must.

Really, as far as my system goes, the space that the foogers take up and the money spent on them could have gone to better use with their module counterparts. I do not regret buying them though. They have brought me much joy.

Heres one final thought:

When you have a synth like the Voyager, it spoils you because there is a knob-per-function interface. It is hard to approach a synth that doesn't have that after messing with the Voyager. When you go modular though, theres damn near a CV input jack for every function, and it's hard to go back to the Voyager knowing that there are certain things you just can't connect a patch cord to.

If you yearn for a modular, you will always yearn for it. A Voyager won't satisfy the urge to amass a wall of sound. But I'd tell anyone who has even the option to buy a Voyager that they will be pleased. You will spend years building the modular anyway. Hell, just get yourself a Voyager, a dotcom rack frame, and the desktop power supply and some filters and expand from there.

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:51 pm
by MBlom
Great input. Thanks!

I'll try to save for as long as possible before buying anything. That way I'll still have the opportunity of getting a Voyager instead of spending my saved money on foogers and .com as I go along. And if I then realise it's a modular I long for I'll have enough to get a system 22 or something thereabouts.

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:36 pm
by EricK
I think i saved money by getting the EnvGen and Vca, then at once paying for 8 months worth of their entry system. With the 107, 102 and cp, I essentially have the equivalent of the system 22.

I am going to get the STG mixer and the .com reverb to fill in the two blank spaces. I still have 2 rack frames and the QPS2 squid in the event I want to expand.

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:59 pm
by dksoundguy
I had a Voyager Old School, but dumped it in favour of a Dotcom system and have never looked back. I realised fairly early on with the Old School that I wished it were more modular and that kind of spoke volumes to me. My Dotcom is 3 Osc, Ladder Filter and the usual assortment of utility modules - enough to make a Moog-ish sound, lest I start missing the Old School. It had expanded to almost 40 modules, but of late, has contracted to 16 because I've added some Eurorack, too.

At the same time, I have 6 MoogerFoogers: 2 LPF, a Ring Mod, a Phaser, the new delay and a Midi Murf. These work so well with everything (and on their own) that I'll never let them go.

Long story short - I say go in-between!

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:43 am
by MBlom
Seems like there's quite a few of us who's had trouble deciding on which way to go. If it only was a question of deciding modular "format" (foogers or .com) but I'm also very tempted by the Voyager. And as it was adviced on another thread about Voyager vs modular, if you gi modular first it'll be very hard to save your money for a Voyager since there will alwas be those modules that you just "have to have".

So I've got quite a mouthful to chew on. But it's ok, I like keeping my head busy with plans when saving and/or waiting. Very much appreciated to share your views of things. Thanks a bunch!

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:08 pm
by EricK
You can also start by buying modules like the Fixed Filter Bank that will help you do what you are already doing without requiring immediate expansion like Oscs and Envgens tend to do. When you get your Voyager it arrives immediately enhanced by the extra filtering prowess provided by the FFB.

You could start off by getting a sequencer, but that will just make you want VCAs and Envgens and other oscs and more sequencers.
You could get a FFB and the Double Deka VCO, and that's 2 modules that take up 7 Spaces. My point is that you won't necessarily be forbidden from saving for a Voyager just because you have a modular. You might be forbidden from ever having a retirement though!

Did you know theres a program called synthinvent where you can build your system?

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:15 pm
by Vitja
Yes, Envelopes and VCAs!
.com have a new low cost Box11.
You just have to buy power adapter.

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:38 am
by ColorForm2113
I went through the same thing that you (and apparently everyone else in this forum lol) went through. The way I saw it was voyager is one huge up front purchase you will be able to play it immediately and be very happy, modular you can build over time and expand off of the voyager at first until you have enough modules to make them 2 separate systems , or one huge system. So like Eric said , it will be easier to get the voyager first and then add modules but if you do it the other way around you will probably never save up for the voyager if you really want it (modules are like crack addiction, or so I'm told)

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:26 pm
by jeepo
If you decide to go fooger over .com you can buy a minitaur for envs/vca/filter/midi sync LFO with some bonus bass osc's. Sure it doesn't have as many jacks, but it'll work and keep you from going modular until you're ready for one

Re: Moogertron, or in between?

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:14 pm
by MC
My first synthesizer was a PAiA modular kit back in 1981. Other than the expensive Polyfusion and Moog Modulars from the custom shop, they were pretty much the only game in town at that time. Today there are plenty of reasonably priced systems. A modular is a great learning tool, but easy to burn a perpetual hole in the pocket if you're not careful.