Just got a FreqBox. Tricks and tips most welcome!

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Just got a FreqBox. Tricks and tips most welcome!

Post by MBlom » Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:32 am

Got the FreqBox the other day and it sounds soooooo cool with my bass. With freq all the way down and tri wave I get a really nice subtly farting synth sound (not at all the unexciting fuzz sound guitarist complain about) and that with the LPF bypassed. Excellent!!!

But. Now I want to explore it´s capabilities more. Please give me some advice. Got a midi sequencer so I thought I´d try it as a synth oscillator as well. The one thing I´m worried about though, is that I don´t want to fry anything with the osc out level. Is it just amplifiers that can´t take it, or do I need to be careful with my mixer as well?
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Re: Just got a FreqBox. Tricks and tips most welcome!

Post by tubeampguy » Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:31 am

I use my as a sound source. First turn SYNC off. Now crosspatch the Oscillator output jack into the input jack making it self-oscillate. You'll have to use the DRIVE knob to trim the signal down a bit, Its a really HOT signal if you don't! Now you can patch the OUTPUT to the next MOOGERFOOGER input. With the mix knob CCW the phase is + as you turn up the mix knob CW it reverses the waveform phase to -. Also with the WAVEFORM knob you'll notice that you have many waveform choices to chose from. I use this to drive other Moogerfoogers. Usually the next one in line is the MF-101 Low Pass filter and so on. Hope this helps. :D

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Re: Just got a FreqBox. Tricks and tips most welcome!

Post by EricK » Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:21 pm

First I'd encourage you to read the manual and get creative in your experimentation. THen when you have exhausted your ideas would I seek help.

But since you are already here...Get yourself an EP2 if you haven't got one already. Use it as a bass distortion pedal by sweeping the sync'd frequency.

Id also seek out the Moogerfooger instructional dvd on youtube or get one for yourself. This will surely wet your whilstle for More Foogers.

When you get a CP 251, call us back and we will have more.

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Re: Just got a FreqBox. Tricks and tips most welcome!

Post by machetemirage » Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:29 pm

Do you have any other Foogers? Your options for cool sounds multiply like rabbits even if you have something simple like the Low Pass or the Ring Mod:

Low pass:
107 osc out to 101 freq in
101 env out to 107 wave, fm
fully resonant audio out 101 to 107 freq in, audio in

Ring Mod
102 car out, lfo out, or both to 107 freq, wave, fm
107 osc out to 102 car in
107 env out to 102 freq in, rate in

And of course there's some self patching to be had:
env to wave, fm
osc out to audio input

I don't even own the 101 or the 107, imagine what I'll cook up when I actually get my hands on them! :D

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Re: Just got a FreqBox. Tricks and tips most welcome!

Post by ricknboogie » Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:07 pm

Awesome stuff, thanks. I too am a bassist, but converted to synthesist last year. Have LP Stage II, a DSI MoPho keyboard, and so far, just one Fooger, the FreqBox. I'm guessing doing the CV out mod on my LP will be a big help, but using the 107's outs into the LP's CV in's has been disapointing thus far. Any more tips? Thanks a whole bunch.

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