Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

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Re: Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

Post by artpunk » Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:57 am

@seank - that is bloody brilliant! I aim for something like that one day (but daren't tell my wife!) At the moment I just have an MF-103 & a Voyager (Jade/Ash select - pretty!) so have a few units left to collect...
Your patch bay/panel - home made?

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Re: Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

Post by seank » Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:00 am

thanks! it's a neutrik patchbay patchbay with a laminated template over it. more info including the template here:


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Re: Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

Post by Headphones » Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:32 am

I'd love to own all 7 MF's & at least 2 CP251's to do so. It would probably be a rats nest of cables, but just to experiment with them all, would probably make me start thinking of getting doubles of a few MFs. Add in some mini foogers, and then it could really get interesting!

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Re: Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

Post by Vsyevolod » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:47 am

Here's a recent synth meet that I attended in Seattle. Two of the Mothers belong to friends as well as the MiniFooger Delay. The rest is a sample of my Fooger collection as well as 2 Werkstatt's and a Voyager.

Does a table full of Foogers work well as a modular synth? Hells yea...


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Re: Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

Post by MRNUTTY » Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:37 pm

They go great with a voyager!

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Re: Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

Post by Bryan B » Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:51 pm

I bought the Mooger Phaser on first sight after noticing how many jacks were on the back! I was back to buy more soon after that with the goal of making a modular synth out of the whole collection. I soon had them all (before the ClusterFlux came out) and made some really strange organically-morphing sounds. I kept running into the need for a dedicated envelope, VCA and sequencer. It drove me to modify some of my gear to be more modular. This actually resulted in me selling off all of my Foogers and buying modules.

Now I had found a place where everything did exactly what it was supposed to and it made sense how things worked in their own separate ways. After building up 2 large cabinets of modules (100-spaces combined in MU and MOTM formats), I realized that the Foogers gave me additional opportunities that sounded really cool. I couldn't recreate the things I liked about my Fooger system despite having much of the same components and even many more things they didn't have.

I went back and bought them all again (over time) and included the ClusterFlux of course. I spent years thinking about how to put them into a cabinet that I would want to use. I came up with a steep angle pedalboard look that the main mounting board actually swivels forward, so I can easily see and patch it up (and then put it back and mess with it). So far I love it! I wish I would have mounted the long power strip on the back for all of the wall warts, but I can still do that anytime. I also made some holes to make a CP row above them at some point. IT isn't light, but I did put a handle on the bottom towards the front. It is easy to take out to synth meets or gigs this way.

I still wish Moog made an envelope, VCA and a sequencer. But now I have all of those things and can use them together in my studio.

I have created 5 Oscillators from the whole set at one time and ran them each into mixer channels to create a really thick drone type of thing. I have used it as a basic 2 VCO patch as well. I did some sound design work on it for fun as well (making space ship engine sounds and other things). My main goal was to be able to get back into the crazy and unpredictable sounds that I missed so much. Even running vocals through this thing is awesome!

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Re: Anyone actually built a modular synth out of foogers?

Post by weary » Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:57 pm

Korg volca beats with snare mod runs EHX Clockworks which sync MF-105M and korg SQ-1.
A line of SQ-1 goes to Freq input of MF-107 which goes to MF-105M then to Space Echo and to Vermona VSR3 reverb. Slow LFO from CP-251 modulates Waveform of MF-107.
B line of sQ-1 goes to Cutoff input of selfoscillated MF-101, then signal goes to MF-104M with maximum MIX and modulated by S&H, and then to MF-103.

thanks for comments :oops:
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