CP-251 vx-351

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CP-251 vx-351

Post by wooperman » Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:28 pm

Ok , I apologize, for I have searched, but I pull up so many hits I can't find my answer. So sorry if this is redundant.
I really only have a "front panel" understandning of synthesis. Jupiter6 / Yamaha CS / Prophet.///But NO modular Patch Understandning.

Now I have an old school, VX-351, and CP-251. (just aqcuired VX/CP by a deal, thinging I could teach myself "cable" patch synthesis.
The Old School is awesome as is....but the VX and Cp, I can't seem to incorporate them well enough to make useful sounds - fun wacky, crazy effects, yes. And I'm I'm not up tight, trying to make a perfect trumpet sounds or anything, but are those two boxes just for adding weirdness? I cant find practical musical uses. Plus It's hard to know sometimes how close you are because a subtle change can lead to magic and one more tweak your lost again into jibber jabber. mistakes are fun, but I'd like some predictablility too.

So are their anything / patches out there that can demonstrate what they can do - together and/or alone with an OS? (I am aware the XY use is null due to lack of touch pad)
I have seen the Jordan Rudess vids and they are cool - in a mix, I'm sure he does good stuff, but his demos are just noise musica to me. As well as the Moog sponsored videos.
I love noise - some of my best friends are noise bands, but I can hook up cheap looping pedals and make madness with my 20 dollar casios. I like some predictable sounds that I can use for my synth pop.

So if anyone can share some practical tips that would be awesome - I can spend hours experiementing - having fun, but never finding a sound that makes me think I can build a soung around that. Btw, I also realize fooger pedals often are part of the equation/usefulness to the VX and CP, and I have none of those.
So I am looking for tips for voyager sounds (particularly Old SChool) with VX-351 and CP-251 that isn't just woo-woo--wo--woo non-sense.) I just need to find a use for them or I am selling them. MY Old School does a kick ass job on it's own.
Not to mention I have a fear of accidnetally putting a wrong 1/4" in a wrong port and shorting out something. Limits my adventuros spirit.
I think you get my drift - am I free to sell them, or am I missing someething valuable.

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Re: CP-251 vx-351

Post by latigid on » Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:37 pm

Don't be afraid to patch anything anywhere, the one exception being more than one source into a multiple.

There's plenty of patches at the back of the Voyager manual; it's the VX-351 section.

Some things I can think of:

LFO mixing
Keyboard scaling effects -- microtones or inversions
Extra sample and hold circuit
Lag processor

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