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Synth 1-3 / Timbres differences?

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 7:00 am
by sinusblitz
Dear Moog community,

Finally I got this wonderful instrument at my place. Playing around with it I noticed something, which I hope, someone here has an explanation for. Here is, what I did:

Loaded a preset from the factory user space: "Melo D Kick"
Activated Synth 2 (which is empty)
Loaded Timbre 1 of "Melo D Kick" into Synth 2 (by pressing double Home and using the "Timbre1 -> Synth2 soft-button)

When I play Synth 2, it sounds very different to the original Synth 1 now.
Shouldn't they sound exactly the same? Okay, it's an analogue, so let's say: nearly the same?

Edit 1:
I found a few more presets with similar behaviour. Seems to me that the Master Effects Send Level is not a part of the Timbre. So after loading Timbre 1 to Synth 2, the Send Level has to be matched to the level of Synth 1 before comparing. Alternatively, switching off all effects does the same trick for this purpose.

btw: VCO tuning did not change anything.

All the best!

Re: Synth 1-3 / Timbres differences?

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 2:11 pm
by sinusblitz
Hi there,

After getting a nice reply from Moog support and some further experiments, I feel a little more enlightened about this topic:

Page 120 of the manual states out how to save a Timbre - this leads to the creation of a new Preset. Loading the Timbre from that new Preset results in a far more similar result than loading it directly (like described before)

'Far more' does not mean 'exact'. Looking at the given example - the factory preset 'Melo D Kick' - the copy lost the amplifier envelope settings. Resulting in a Kick, that never stops because of a very high release value.

I may be completely wrong, but It seems to me like the Timbre itself does only store some values (maybe the changed ones?) and the Preset stores some other ones, which may result in different sounds dependent on which Timbre has been loaded into which Preset.

Any thoughts would be very welcome.
Keep tweaking!