MIDI Support - Player Controls

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MIDI Support - Player Controls

Post by devnull » Tue Dec 22, 2020 12:55 pm

Question to Moog Tech Support:

I've tried to see what player controls work and which don't and whether there is any way to map them to CCs. This is what I see on Firmware 1.4:

Working on both MIDI In and Out:
Note On Message with Velocity
Note Off Message with Velocity
Pitch Bend Message
After-touch Message
Mod Wheel - CC1
Touch Pad X - CC 75
Touch Pad Y - CC 76
Touch Pad Pressure - CC 77

Working on MIDI In but does not respond to MIDI Out and no way to map:
Glide - CC 5
Sustain Pedal - CC 64

No MIDI In and No Way to Map:
Exp In 1
Exp In 2
Glide On/Off
X/Y Hold On/Off

First, is this my problem in that I don't understand how to use any of the items above that I say aren't supported?

Second, these are some pretty importing things to have for anyone who is relying on MIDI driven performance work:
- Are the unsupported items things that could possibly be supported?
- Do you have a plan to implement any of them? (like, 'it's on the list', 'it's targeted for release x.x')
- Could you please provide the support ASAP? Like a 1.4.1 release for just these?

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