Aftertouch Kill Switch

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Aftertouch Kill Switch

Post by Midiguy4u » Sun Dec 29, 2019 12:32 pm

I like having aftertouch as a feature.
But it cannot be denied its usage is personal, as it relates to: which parameters you like to trigger, the sensitivity of that triggering, the frequency of when you employ that option.
For me personally, I don't use aftertouch that often, when I do its usually to open a filter, or apply a very light pitch modulation.
Of course, there are no right or wrongs, to each his own, thats the beauty of synthesis.
What I don't like is decisions made for me.
It seems to me, that aftertouch is a performance mechanism, like a wheel, a lever, a breath-controller, D-beam, whatever.
Well, performance is a personal thing too, isn't it?
So while I am loading patch after patch It seemed to me there was a very high portion of patches that demonstrated the
Aftertouch capabilities of the ONE. Maybe Moog was just showing-off, but it greatly interfered with my basic enjoyment of patch discovery and how I wished to integrate them into my creative process.
Sure, I can go in and disengage Aftertouch on any patch, its a synthesizer. But seeing that Aftertouch IS a performance feature, shouldn't a master kill on-off switch been located over where the Glide function is. Personally, I'd rather have that than the dinky XY pad which is too small to be effectively accurate with, and see a long programmable ribbon controller running parallel to the keyboard.
Your thoughts?
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Re: Aftertouch Kill Switch

Post by till » Sun Dec 29, 2019 5:38 pm

I am a aftertouch user. And I have never missed a way to global disable aftertouch, as I am not into using factory sounds that much. And the few I use, I edit them to suit my way of playing.

If you set the aftertouch curve of the new firmware 1.2.0 to exponential, the normal playing will not change the parameter with aftertouch modulation if not some real force is used.
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