Are your fans sounding all equal ?

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Are your fans sounding all equal ?

Post by YM2612 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:01 pm

There seem to be three fans inside the Moog One. One near the Waveform Modulation Area, One near the Main Knob below the screen and one near the FilteR Modulation Area.

When I sit in front of Moog One, which is in a very quiet studio with almost no background noise, I can clearly hear that the right fan is the loudest. The sound seems to be the same as in a youtube video with a focus on 3khz (just to be clear I'm not talking about the maximum fanspeed squence at the beginning). There is a lot of background noise going on in this video but it's hearable.

So, I'm wondering if you can hear the right fan louder, too ? Maybe I got a slightly broken fan ?

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Re: Are your fans sounding all equal ?

Post by johnts » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:44 pm

There's actually five fans in the Moog One spread across the width of the keyboard. These are situated between the top edge of the keyboard structure and infront of the component boards (drawing cooling air across the boards) . There are some photos of the Moog One inside somewhere out there on the web . When my fans are running I can only detect the sounds from all of then and not any one individually.

Here is a link showing the Moog One fans:

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