Unison bug

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Unison bug

Post by bruno_z » Wed May 22, 2019 8:14 pm

Hi all,

I noticed 2 pretty annoying bugs when trying to use unison to expand the stereo, on my One 16V (I've had it at least since 1.04, now on 1.06):
- start with an init patch
- put in unison mode, more-> limit unison voice count to 2, max voices available or 16 voices (doesn't make a difference)
- vca more -> synth 1 stereo spread to 100%
- reduce sustain and decay to get a clear attack and little sustain (easier to hear that way)

You get a nice spatial sound by then.

Now start playing a few chords, alternating 1 note then 1 note then 4 notes legato, press one at a time to understand what is happening (many patterns work, just play for a while).
You will notice that at some point, on the legato parts, some keys retrigger other keys already pressed!

Now for the bigger bug:
Activate Hold, do a big legato to exceed the number of voices (so more than 8 notes legato to max out, each key triggers 2 voices).
Now press a single key or cancel Hold, you end up with a number of voices stuck on. Turning hold off doesn't stop the notes from playing, and actually taking up voices. Only solution is midi panic.

I'll try to make a video.


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