Beat Frequency not consistent

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Beat Frequency not consistent

Post by mattculpin » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:57 pm

Had my One for a month now, still exploring. However, I find a strange thing happening to the beat frequency. It changes depending on the note you play across the keyboard. My only reference for this is the Sub37 I have. With 2 OCS's active, I can set the frequency to beat how I want it and it will change to keep the consistency across a fairly wide note range. However, on the One it loses the nice beating over just a couple of octaves.

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Re: Beat Frequency not consistent

Post by AlakaLazlo » Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:31 pm

Mine does that too. I assume it's one of the tuning bugs.

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Re: Beat Frequency not consistent

Post by till » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:09 am

My 2 cents (and beating is often well below 1 musical interval cents):
Compared to a vintage, fresh and well calibrated analog polysynth, the Moog One has the best stabile pitch I ever encountered. In fact it is sometimes too stable. So I often use the pitch variation parameter (in the MORE menu of the UNISON section works even without unison used) to get a more analog flavour. Without the pitch variation I get 100% perfect octaves with no detuning from one note to another. Slightly variation get the right rolling and moving sound when playing octaves with the left hand.

I remember even the voices of a Memory Moog shown on the german music fair in the early eighties was very slightly different tunes for each voice. This is part of a magic sound of the analog world. And the Moog 901 oscillators are absolute not 100% pitch stable. But they get you THE sound due to this slight to medium pitch variations and their imperfect waveshapes.

Beating is a very subtile thing to add. I can't think of one analog polysynth besides the Moog One offering it.
I rather have a living sound character than a "perfect" VA like and lifeless character.

Historic view: On the original Moog 901B oscillators it was added rather than the typical detune, due to the fact, that each of the 901B oscillators did not feature it needed own exponential converter (the 901A did this for one to three 901Bs). There was simply no way to add detune to a 901B module. Later designs by most analog synth used one exponential converter per oscillator. And to the detune was added to allow musical interval rather than fixed frequency offsets by the beating parameter.

And btw: my filters are very well calibrated. I can play polyphonic using the ladder filter self oscillation in the mid 5 octaves. Try this on any other analog VCF polysynth. Most analog polysynth VCFs will be very much out off tune over 5 octaves and the tracking variation of each single voice and its own filter circuits.
keep on turning these Moog knobs

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