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Filter close audible at 24db slope.

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Filter close audible at 24db slope.

Postby Pencilcase » Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:34 am

Hi, Moog One 16 v1.0.3 here, im asking if someone has any "problem" on the filters, i mean, if i close the filters (LP), and press the same note ( a lower one it's more noticeable ) many times, some times the sound is nearly close, not close at all ( at 24db slope ) but sometimes not and its noticeable... this happens a lot when EG amount is set to max... Compared to my subsequent 37 same values per slope, the subsequent it's nearly quiet or quiet ( at 24 db for example no sound ) depending on the slope ( except 6db... ) but the One its audible, and a lot compared... making impossible to do some sounds that need that feature like kicks, slappy bass,plucked leads, etc....

Im asking, if anyone has the same problem or it's just my unit... i even see in filter parameters, and all it's ok or atleast how it should be.

I search in many places and no one is saying that or atleast i don't see anyone saying anything related. ( my english is not my main language so sorry if it's there and i don't see it. )

Filter closed at 24 db slope should be quiet... even 18db the sound should be minimum... it's not the case...
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