New Moog One owner questions

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New Moog One owner questions

Post by opolo » Mon Mar 04, 2019 8:11 am

Very excited as my Moog One arrived and I can finally start digging into its sound!

I have a few questions for the ones already used to I'm not sure I'm missing something or these are bugs still not solved and that I can't find anything about:

1) I can't hear the master effects in headphones..they're ok on the main outs, but not on the headphones?
2) in terms of sources and destinations, I can't find the noise as a source? I know I can turn the random LFO to 'noise like', but one of the best tricks for example on my MS10 is patching the pink or white noise source to the filter cutoff destination. Does anyone know if that would be maybe technically possible in a future update?

Apart from that, I absolutely love the thing, sounds fantastic, anyone saying it sounds 'cold' obviously never played it or spent time on it. I can make it sound identical to my Juno (and the BBD effect properly configured and mixed offers a great 'juno chorus' imitation), it can sound like my Prophet, and I manually re-did some of the MemoryMoog patches I heard online.

Talking about Memorymoog...did anyone have any luck 'transposing' the patches sheets from Memorymoog manual in the One? I'm working on the Vocal Chorus patch...but the patch sheet is not good enough...have to try again by ear as it always worked perfectly...I suppose the difficult bit is to get the filter resonance and tracking rightly tuned. Generally speaking I'm surprised I can't find patches available for the Moog One...

Honestly the onboard patches, apart from a few exceptions, are way too 'general workstation' showing off modulations and effects instead of good sounding stuff, as a musician I felt very underwhelmed by them (apart the Solina that is amazing), not musical at all. But once you start doing your ones or try imitating the sound of other synths...oh boy...I'm gonna do some basic INIT patches based on my Juno and Prophet and string machine.

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