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Re: Moog One FEATURE Requests

Postby SeriousMastering » Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:41 pm

Here's my list. Tried to skim through this topic but couldn't find any related items. Please forgive me if come up with suggestions which are already mentioned.

Envelope generator
-Ability to change attack level with e.g. shift+Attack from 100% (which seems to be fixed now) to 0-100% (so you can turn down the attack entirely to use the release part of the EG).
-When in sync mode allow values like Attack to be MIN (now the min value is 1/64).

Mod matrix
-Copy function for current selected entry (puts it at next empty slot below)
-Allow mod slots to alter other mod slots as mod source or mod controller (Similar to e.g. the Deepmind 6/12)
-Allow more mathematical operations on a combination of source and controller e.g. sum div min max (Similar to e.g. the Deepmind 6/12)
-Allow sequencer controller lanes to be mod sources as well. (There might be an overlap with current implementation but if you see previous two suggestions it might make more sense. E.g. use sequencer as stepped LFO)
-Allow CV out as destination (these are already covered in the next update?)
-Allow FX parameters as destination
-Allow EG Attack level as mod destination
-Allow LFO number cycles as mod destination
-Allow Filter (combined) for Freq and Cutoff of SVF+Ladder

CV (these are already covered in the next update?)
-CV in as trigger gate and/or clock in
-CV out as clock out
(Ext1 & Ext2 seemed to be bugged as both source and controller in the mod matrix)

-Expand patch memory matrix by enabling shift to double the preset matrix with A-H 1-8 to A-R 1-16.
-Save patches settings in directory named after the userspace maybe except for the default one.
-For export of patches allow the same filters for the preset browser so you can narrow down the list of presets you want to export.

-Sustain pedal could be useful when it has the same mode as hold for either sequence and/or arpeggiator in either on/of mode or latch on/off mode.

-External input for microphone is quite sensitive especially for the vocoder FX. It might be helpful to add a compressor in front of the vocoder if at all possible?

-A tuner util of CV/External input.
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