Sub 37 Upgrade in UK

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Sub 37 Upgrade in UK

Post by LondonChris2 » Sat Mar 13, 2021 3:39 pm

Hi, apologies if this has been covered previously, but I was wondering if anyone in the UK has had their Sub37 upgraded to a Subsequent37.
If so did you get it done in the UK and if so who with, or did you have to return your synth to the US.
Can you advise how much it was and how long it took?
And finally was it worth it and therefore would you recommend it?
Many thanks

stealth bopper
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Re: Sub 37 Upgrade in UK

Post by stealth bopper » Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:26 am

HI there. I would suggest checking out Source Distribution if you haven't already (just discovered this post!). They are "the official support and service centre for Moog in the UK and Ireland" and in NW10 I believe.

I have a Sub 37 but haven't upgraded so can't comment on that I'm afraid. However, I was in touch with Source a few years ago about possibly upgrading a Little Phatty (I didn't in the end)and LP tech advice, and I found them very helpful indeed.

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Re: Sub 37 Upgrade in UK

Post by PChamaeleoMH » Wed Apr 21, 2021 2:56 pm

I had my Sub37 upgraded to Subsequent37 last year; I contacted Source Distribution, and it was all handled by HBB Communications Ltd (the parent company) in NW London. They issue return authorisations, so need contacting before sending things in... The (full) upgrade cost £280 + VAT (= £336), and they charge £18 for return shipping (although I was able to drop it off/collect it in person).
They've a large workshop there (handling various brands), and the whole thing was done on site; I dropped my Sub37 off on a Wednesday and collected my (then) Subsequent37 the following Friday, but I'm not sure whether that is the usual turnaround time.
As for "worth it"? I think so! The keybed is better (initially my main interest in the upgrade as I wasn't keen on the Sub37 one), and I find the refreshed voice rather more flexible: it can be bother cleaner and dirtier, so feels like it can have larger mood swings (which I like). It can sound exactly as it did before (I think), but now has more dark edge when pushed and a purer cleaner tone when everything is kept gentle. Hard to judge (it isn't a revolutionary change, and I can't side-by-side it), but I wanted the improved keybed (the new one is less squidgy, and the keys line up with each other, although the lowest key can now click against the pitch/mod wheel panel since it has more lateral give, which is my only reservation about the upgrade), and I find the extremes of the voice more rewarding.
I was also worried that my immaculate synth would come back less pristine, but they took good care of it...

Happy to answer any other questions, but this post already feels a bit long!
Yours, P.

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