Subsequent 37 - oscillator turns on by itself

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Subsequent 37 - oscillator turns on by itself

Post by Chillminister » Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:10 am

I have the synth connected to my PC and Ableton via USB (no hub) and MIDI output/input is set to two seperate channels to avoid a MIDI loop.

When I have OSC2 and SUB completely turned down in the mixer, after a while I will hear a sound from them anyway - I check the Subsequent Editor and sure enough, the OSC2 and SUB osc suddenly have a little bit of volume, kind of fluttering up and down. Turning them down in the editor doesn't quite work, I have to turn them all the way up and down again - then it's good for a few minutes before they start fluttering again.

Also, the editor - while the functionality is great - has a lot of problems with remembering the patch (not saved as a preset) when reopening a project in Ableton. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't sound like the patch I was using when I saved the project. In addition, it often gives me "hardware disconnected" which can sometimes be resolved by restarting the synth or restarting Ableton - but sometimes require reinstalling the Editor(!) to get working again.

All these problems, paired with the fact that Moog hasn't released an update to the editor or new MIDI drivers for years, lead me to believe that I might have to look elsewhere for a main synth, which is a shame - as I love the sound and look of the synth itself.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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