local control q on Sub 25 + Editor on Big Sur, Live 11

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local control q on Sub 25 + Editor on Big Sur, Live 11

Post by bartdecrem » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:54 pm

I have a Subsequent 26, and a Mac running Big Sur and the latest beta of Live 11.

I'm trying to use the Sub25 in Local Control Off mode to send midi notes to the DAW, run a sequencer in DAW, then play that all back through the Sub25. Latest Sub25 firmware and Mac desktop editor software.

That basic functionality works as expected, but things get confusing when I try to module anything:
- If I turn knobs on the editor standalone Mac app, they respond as expected
- But if I try to use the midi cc control mapping with the VST version of the editor, I see the knobs turn (in both the VST and the standalone app), but the sound is not affected at all
- And generally things seem to get pretty glitchy. For instance, if I push the Active Panel button on the synth, it seems to respond erratically. At one point, my synth became completely unresponsive even after power cycle. Maybe midi notes stuck or some such

-> Any suggestions on how to use Midi CC or otherwise allow me to still use the knobs (but not the keyboard) in this mode?

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