Sub Series - Kick Drum sound

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Sub Series - Kick Drum sound

Post by Francishunt » Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:33 am

Dear Moog Music forum,

I'd like some advice on getting a good kick drum sound out of the sub series (Sub Phatty user in this case)

When I see videos (such as the Analogue Synthesised Percussion video from Moog) I'm struck by how much punch the self oscillating filter has. Have they applied a load of compression in post to get that? ... e=emb_logo

When I dial the same settings on my Sub Phatty the result just sounds...polite. I don't hear the impact of the envelope 'thudding' - instead its like a thin 'click' that sits on top of the sine tone.

Perhaps I have a lot to learn about post-production - Unless my unit has some kind of fault?

Settings are: Cutoff 50% / Resonance 100% / Multidrive 100% / EG Amount is -4 / KB amount is 5 / Filter Decay - 2ms / Filter Sustain - 2 / Amplifier Sustain - 3 / Amplifier Release - 10ms

Any input is appreciated

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