Subsequent 25 Midi Problem (Changing random presets)

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Subsequent 25 Midi Problem (Changing random presets)

Post by mowizo » Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:02 am

Holla again, :)
My Drum Maschine sends nots to my moog sub 25 that i dont need...
The maschine change always my presets when i push something on the drum maschine ....
How i can silients the presets or delete them ? or is there a otherway around ? i mostly go via vst to the presets and then the midi signals coming from the drum maschine to the moog.

But when i do somehting on the drummaschine the moog is changing the presets....

please help, also did the update for the moog sub 25 but still not working. I put all the same presets to the moog its a trick up the filter etc. reset again when i change something from the drum maschine :L

Stay save thanks a lot !

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Re: Subsequent 25 Midi Problem (Changing random presets)

Post by Montfrooij » Mon Dec 07, 2020 9:00 am

Check the manual for incoming midi messages.
On the Subsequent 37 you have the option to listen to incoming midi messages and select which inputs you want (USB / DIN)
Other than that you have to revert back to the drum machine to set it to send program changes etc.
Nothing on the subsequent that I know off. (unless you add some midi box that filters messages out)

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