Sub 37 Sequence triggering issues

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Sub 37 Sequence triggering issues

Post by Gbags » Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:17 am

On the Sub 37, I have a very simple 8-step sequence which, because I’m playing with a live drummer, I cannot just set the latch as it’ll drift out of time; more accurately, the drummer will drift out of time with the sequence. I have to follow the drummer. So I trigger it manually by hitting the appropriate key every half bar. No problem. Well, it shouldn’t be a problem, however, sometimes when I hit a key, the sequence starts instantaneously, but other times there’s a slight lag from when I press the key to when the sequence starts. It’s only very slight but obviously even a slight lag messes up the whole timing of the tune. What’s more, it’s not every time. It seems to be random when it chooses to be in time or when it lags. It’s as though the sequence is still running in the background between key hits so when I hit the next key slightly off time it seems to quantize it and shifts the start note to where it thinks it should be.

As the Sub 37 disappointingly doesn’t have a bpm counter, I’ve hooked it up to receive clock from the DSI Mopho x4. I thought this might be the problem so tried turning off the arp sync on the Sub 37, but the problem still persists.

I will dig deeper into the midi settings as perhaps it’s still receiving some messages even with the sync off. In the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone here may be able to shed some light on the matter. What midi settings should I have on the Sub 37 in order that it only receives clock from the Mopho?

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Re: Sub 37 Sequence triggering issues

Post by Montfrooij » Thu Nov 26, 2020 8:45 am

I'm not 100% if this is your case, but I noticed something similar too.
My conclusion is that I was not 'on the S37 beat' every time since you can't tell where the internal clock is at.
Remember that the S37 has analog LFO's that go on and on which trigger stuff and have to be reset every now and then to match the clock.

My solution is to hook up my DAW or drum machine and make that send out a clicktrack to the in ear monitors and the master clock to the S37
Never had issues again since the S37, drummer and other musicians play by this clicktrack instead of something coming from the S37.

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