Ableton Freeze Channel Question?

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Ableton Freeze Channel Question?

Post by Deljoi » Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:34 am

I have my Subsequent 37 hooked up to my Apogee Quartet and Ableton Live 10. It works fine I can send MIDI to my project and record audio as well.

My question is on a Sub37 MIDI channel... Can I freeze the Sub37 MIDI channel, have an audio channel below, then drag/drop the MIDI clip to the audio channel and it converts the MIDI Clip to audio? Right now it currently can not translate this/not working. I am just curious if this is possible to do with a Moog Hardware Synth?

I can do this with all my soft synths and Ableton translates the MIDI Clip (info) perfectly to audio.

- Topher

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Re: Ableton Freeze Channel Question?

Post by Montfrooij » Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:26 am

Soft synths can do this, because the audio is generated via software.
Hardware synths need to be recorded via your audio interface.

If there would be Moog software that could do this, they would not need hardware synths anymore :wink:
There are emulators out there (Omnisphere) that have Moog digital synth emulations available.
But the whole point of a (true) analogue synth is to create the audio in an ANALOG way :D

Record your midi notes (either via a Subsequent or any midi keyboard) and add a audio track to record the midi you have just played in via the Moog that is connected to your audio interface.
Make sure you disable the midi channel when you are done recording, otherwise you will get double the sound (one from the Moog and one from the recorded audio)

I find the soft synth way a lot more convenient, but hey : if you want analog, you get analog!

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