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Subsequent 37 Static/popping sound

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:30 am
by aodonnell311

I have google searched as much as I could before getting frustrated, so if this is a repeat topic, I apologize...

I bought my first Moog (Subsequent 37) and first analog synth just a few days ago. Using headphones, everything sounded fine (I think). But a few days later, I now hear some static through the headphones (and also through an external guitar amp). This static/white noise can be heard between notes while using the arp.

even with the synth switched off, I could hear pulsating static through the headphones. There is also a great deal of clicking/pops on note attacks and realease with or without using the arp. I've tried the obvious solution of increasing attack and delay on the volume envelope, but I really have to crank them clockwise in order to get that annoying clicking to stop. The problem is especially pronounced when I close the filter. I don't think I should have to increase attack and delay this much in order to avoid those pops. Presets sound okay in terms of pops for the most part but I still hear the white noise...

I just bought this Moog and was so excited, now I'm terrified something could be wrong with it... plz say it ain't so..... :( :( :( Any help would be greatly appreciated....



Re: Subsequent 37 Static/popping sound

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:54 am
by till
A very fast change of volume causes a plop. And this does not only happen on note-ons, but also on note-ends. So you should check the release of the envelopes. And as a drastic filtering changes the volume too, you have to set the attack, decay and release of the filter envelopes just a bit above zero.
The arpeggiator is producono not a 100% long gate time. So there is a pause between notes. If the release is set to zero, the volume will suddenly drop nearly instantly. And this may cause a click, if it happens within a short time (one cycle or less) of the signal effected. So this is more likely to be noticed on bass notes. Some for attacks.

Re: Subsequent 37 Static/popping sound

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:55 am
by aodonnell311
Thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate it!

Well, I usually work with the envelope filter turned off, (the EG I believe it is)

so I think there shouldn't be any modulation of the filter. But if I have the filter knob turned to about 10 o'clock, (so more than halfway closed), I get clicking, even if I turn the volume attack and release up for each note. So I have to adjust the attack and release more than just a "slight" amount... I have to turn them up around halfway in order to get rid of the clicking in many circumstances.

Does this make any sense?

Thanks again for reading. Take care!