All the hardware faults I've had so far with my Sub 37

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All the hardware faults I've had so far with my Sub 37

Post by JazzMasta » Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:39 pm

1. At delivery:
- Faulty pitchwheel
- Faulty headphone jack

I got new parts, replaced the entire pitch/mod-wheel unit and the right hand controller board, which fixed those problems.

2. Then after a while, the octave knob for Osc1 stopped working.

Since I also was disappointed with the keyboard feel (too heavy) and the fact that para-phonic mode always sounded distorted (design fault),
I decided to upgrade to the Subsequent soundboards and keyboard.
Though the keyboard's still a bit to 'resistant' for my preference I was finally happy with my Sub (hardware wise). I thought.

3. 6 months after the upgrade, the MOD2 source selector knob has stopped working.

Now I just don't know anymore. I'm so extremely disappointed by the low quality of this thing..
And bare in mind I keep my Moog mostly at home with a dust cover, I've used it live maybe 3 times.
I mean, what kind of low quality parts are you using at Moog? This is completely unacceptable for an instrument at this price. Failure after failure.
I thought the legendary Moog brand was synonymous with quality? I guess this is no longer the case. Maybe once, but certainly not now.
After this third hardware failure, I've simply lost all respect for the brand. I'm really sorry to say it, but I'll probably going to sell my unit (if I'm able!) and buy some other synth instead.
I own old and new synths from Roland, Korg, Nord, Yamaha, Arp and more. Never ever have I had so many problems with one instrument, new or old. My oldest synth is nearly 40 years old, and still it's had fewer problems than my Sub 37.

I really think you need to look over your manufacturing process and your parts supplier and shape up.

/A customer who's lost faith in the brand

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Re: All the hardware faults I've had so far with my Sub 37

Post by Chimponaut » Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:43 pm

Sorry to hear of your various issues. I've had a few as well. !st one I got had a crooked keybed. ?nd one was perfect but then the display gave up the ghost. It still lights up but no data. The tiny plastic header that holds the display's ribbon cable in place broke so the ribbon cable wasn't making a proper connection. Got a new display and new header. The new header arrived broken as well. I ordered more headers. (multiple) Got them and broke another one trying to re-seat the ribbon cable. Tried for a week to get the cable seated properly but I had to give up or throw the synth out the window. The header is so small and fragile I can't believe they are using these things for anything more then a toothpick.

Anyway the synth is still being used practically everyday. The editor has saved this synth from becoming a door stop.
I never did understand why Moog didn't offer to have me ship the board that the display is attached to back to them. Have them re-seat the display cable and send it back to me for installation. I had to remove the board anyway to attempt the repair.
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