Sub 37 MIDI sequence lag and 'stuck' arp/sequencer issue

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Sub 37 MIDI sequence lag and 'stuck' arp/sequencer issue

Post by maisoncheval » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:11 am

Hey guys...first post here, go easy on me! I actually joined this forum for these issues, hope to stay for other tips/tricks/fixes.

Issue 1:
Sub 37 was MIDI slaved to a TR-8 and was working fine, all menus were good. I will entertain menu diving, but at the beginning of my session, sequences and arps were synced. All of the sudden while in a sequence, I noticed the red LED 'aimlessly forget' to advance to the next step, which obviously throws off the MIDI clock. For example: if the 37's sequencer is on step 13 and that is the step it feels like lagging, the 37 could take anywhere from half a second to advance to completely stopping the sequence all together, not starting up again until I restart the TR-8.

Issue 2:
Currently, my Sub 37 will only play every 9th note I press when in regular ol' keyboard mode. For example: (NOTE TRIGGERED-REST-REST-REST-REST-REST-REST-REST-REST-NOTE TRIGGERED) Within the parentheses, a key is being pressed 10 times. That's one note heard, 8 rests, then another note. This happens on every preset, no matter the configuration of modulation. Oddly enough, the 37 is ONLY operating correctly in ARP/sequence mode, not MIDI synced.

Both of these issues happened within the past 24 hours, and my 37 has operated fine other than an odd MIDI issue where the 37 would hold a note continuously while slowly oscillating. The slow oscillation which affected he pitch would affect any key/arp/sequence being triggered while the 37 was midi slaved. Said problem has ceased to be an issue.

Any ideas floating around this forum about said issues? Cheers and thanks in advance guys.

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Re: Sub 37 MIDI sequence lag and 'stuck' arp/sequencer issue

Post by ObtuseMoose » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:59 am

Can't help with your sync problem (Issue 1).

Your Issue 2 sounds like the POLY NUMBER setting has been set to something other than OFF. That's one of the settings (along with POLY MAX) that lets you chain several Sub37s together to get polyphony. Get into page 3 of the MIDI menu and make sure POLY NUMBER is set to OFF and POLY MAX is set to 1. See pages 35 and 36 in the manual for more details.

Since both of these issues happened suddenly, it sounds like some sort of glitch happened that corrupted the memory in the Sub37s control circuitry. You might want to consider doing a system reset. See the entry about INIT SETTINGS on page 49 of the manual. You might want to follow that with a SEQUENCE QUICK-ERASE as described on page 20, as corrupted sequencer data has also been known to cause weird problems.

Hope this helps.

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