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EP-3 Expression Pedal

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:10 pm
by Johnnyaardvark

Maybe a simple question but wondering how people use the EP-3 Expression Pedal with their sub 37.

Currently have mine in the cv filter input. Works great but have a couple of questions...

Is it best to have it rocked fully back (to the lowest setting) when changing to a new sound?

What does the filter value default to when you do this?

Am I hearing sounds differently when the pedal is plugged in?

Is it ok to unplug the pedal when the sub37 is on?

How should I be using the calibration wheel in the side?

Is there a manual? I know this is a pretty simple bit if kit but a little info would be useful...
( I am now guessing that there is info in the sub 37 manual... I'll go check!)

Anyhow... thoughts/comments would be helpful.



Re: EP-3 Expression Pedal

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:12 pm
by EMwhite
I see it's been a week since you posted this so I'll jump in. I do NOT have a Sub anything; used to have a Little Phatty (which had the same side panel) but now only have a Minitaur, Taurus III, a few Foogers and a vintage Minimoog so your mileage may vary but most of what I'm about to say will apply.

You can plug in/unplug expression pedals without any concern. Moog takes lengths to make their products tolerance to the small spikes in voltage that may be present and the holds true for the Mini/Moogerfoogers and synths.

You can change patches with the pedal set to different points; no problem here either.

Yes, the sound that you hear will be different with he pedal plugged in depending on the position.

The full TOE position should be unattenuated assuming the EP3's pot/knob is set to be fully open and therefore the sound with pedal in or not should NOT make any difference; (you should test this and confirm; maybe post here so that others will be helped).

Full HEEL position will fully attenuate the voltage which, if my memory serves means that in the case of the Filter, you will hear near nothing, as if the Filter Cutoff was fully CCW (counter clock wise). If plugged into Volume CV in, it will result in no audio coming out of your Sub.

In no case will the full TOE position be any higher than the setting on the panel or within a given patch meaning that if your volume is set to 5 on the panel (out of 10), then a full TOE position can only be as loud as 5. Likewise for Filter.

I really don't have a guess as to how pitch is affected. I believe this is best controlled with an external LFO or a pitch controller in which case it may be taken as relative (in the former case) with center position of the pedal affecting 0 change and up or down a voltage positive or negative... OR may be absolute with the base voltage of the keyboard (e.g. press any key) representing the HEEL and a max of 5v representing TOE on the pedal or a full CCW on a sequencer step that may be coming from a Deeper Dark time or at the top end of a ribbon controller. I believe that this is the way that Pitch is dealt with.

Finally, the knob on the right side of the pedal further attenuates the output of the foot pedal such that if open all the way (turned fwd all the way) that the output of the pedal is 0..5v (if 5V is the ring voltage); if turned back 1/2 way, then the full range of the pedal is 0..2.5V, etc.

Keep in mind that the EP-3 does not SUPPLY any voltage, rather it attenuates (will reduce) voltage; meaning that any voltage applied to the ring connector (of the TRS plug) is attenuated and returned on the Tip of the plug. If you have a synth that has a 10V signal across the ring, the output will be up to 10V but as this is just Moog pedal in a Moog synth, the 0..5V applies.

Hopefully this helps somewhat. Otherwise, check this link for the 'manual' such that it is: ... manual.pdf

This is for the EP2, the diff being:

EP-3 uses a cog, not a string for action (EP-3 is better/should last longer)
EP-3 has a removable cable so you can use a longer cable if you like
EP-3 has a polarity switch on the bottom

Good luck, hope this helped!

Re: EP-3 Expression Pedal

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:59 pm
by dalahorse
I find my Sub-37/EP-3 behavior to be opposite. In full heel position, it does not modify my cutoff frequency. In full toe, it increases the frequency considerably. I am using default settings on the Sub.

Re: EP-3 Expression Pedal

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:12 am
by EMwhite
I'm sure you are right. What you said makes sense; I was just going from memory. I have a Minifooger Drive and the filter works that way (they would be inverting it internally).

Re: EP-3 Expression Pedal

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:35 pm
by Johnnyaardvark
Hi all this was a while ago.... I had kind of given up on a post and/or expected that I would have received an email... which I did not.

Anyhow, thank you very much for the responses . Have to confess I have not used the peddle a great deal. Mostly as I generally use the sub 37 in a home studio setting. I think if I was using it live I would use it much more for expression but as most work I do involves midi I tend not to use it. Since it's a mono synth I usually have a hand free anyway unless I am improvising along with other gear and of course control changes are picked via midi.

Still a great synth that I love very much. PITA to EQ into a mix at times but love the sound never the less.

Thank you very much for your replies. They are very much appreciated.

Best wishes


Re: EP-3 Expression Pedal

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:50 am
by Bernardo Jimenez
When playing live I calibrate the pedal,using the side wheel, so that when opening it completely (pressing it down) it reaches exactly one or two octaves, hence being able to change octaves without having to use a hand for the task.