SUB 37 keyboard action repair

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SUB 37 keyboard action repair

Post by frk_k2600 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:59 pm


the keyboard action of my Sub 37 did behave strange in a way that Black keys had to be pressed harder than white keys, and the action of the White keys seemed not to be balanced over the 3 octaves, so I tried this:

1) Press every key very hard, hit it like a piano, several times.
2) Then start with normal pressure, hold every key down and -> Maximum aftertouch.

whithe keys will show a bit of movement at their mountpoint near the Panel. black keys shall be pressed near their mountpoint, they will move down a little bit at their end Position.

It seems that the keyboard needs an Initial massage to work properly.

Now the keyboard action is equal for every key !

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