Sub 37 - MIDI problem

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Sub 37 - MIDI problem

Post by Dapifer » Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:44 am

I've just encountered a problem and I'm not sure if it's an issue with the Sub 37 or Ableton. Maybe someone on here who uses both can advise me what I'm doing wrong?

Simply Live has stopped picking up midi from the Sub 37. I was using it as my midi keyboard and it's suddenly stopped working. I can't see anything that I've changed. On the out filters I have keys on, I have midi out to both Din and Usb. I have set midi channels to 'all' on Live, yet nothing. This just happened over night. :?

Now just realised that the Sub 37 editor is not receiving midi notes either. It's synching up presets with the editor ok, the midi light even flashes when you change octave but no midi note data being received.

*Further update, the editor is now not receiving any midi sync with the Sub 37

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Re: Sub 37 - MIDI problem

Post by ChiLam » Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:58 am

How is everything connected?

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Re: Sub 37 - MIDI problem

Post by tomoog » Sat Jul 23, 2016 8:05 am

Sorry to hear that.
with any of these issues the key is to isolate where the problem is. Start simple, hopefully with the bits that work then change 1 thing at a time until it stops.

Connect headphones to Sub37 just to be sure it is making sounds

Beg/Borrow another keyboard
- test it with Abelton
- test it with Sub37

Use the "Sub 37 Editor Standalone.exe" (no Abelton)

Reseat your USB/DIN cables
Reset the Sub37 from the Sub37 itself > SUB_37_MANUAL Page 49 INIT SETTINGS (GLOBAL MENU 3.2)

Check the OUT FILTERS again - all ON

Run MIDI-OX ( and check that "normal" MIDI is being sent, note on/note off etc rather than intermittent or continuous random stuff.

Sub37 Arpeggiator ON + LATCH so that continuous MIDI is output from Sub37 and appearing on MIDI-OX Monitor-Output

Reset the MIDI INPUT/OUTPUT - change it to something else then back again to force it to re-read the connection
- on my rig these show up as "2- MOOG SUB 37 IN" and "2- MOOG SUB 37 OU"

Re-install the MIDI driver - for Windows7 it is "Moog_Sub_37_USB_DriverSetup_v2.23.0.exe"

Good luck!!

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