D key stops working(new sub 37)

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D key stops working(new sub 37)

Post by diddly » Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:09 pm

I have had the sub 37 no more than a week and hardly used it(hadnt had time) and ive noticed something strange.One of the D keys on the keyboard seems to trigger and note then just dies off in a few seconds.Like for example when a sequenced patch is playing it only plays for a for a few seconds,then stops.Its the only key this happens on.If i press the key again it retriggers the sequence but it dies again in a few seconds.The key itself looks fine,along with the rest of the synth.Is this a physical thing with the key or is this a known issue etc.Firmware up to date and everything else.Ill have to ship this back to where i got it from if it is faulty ..Thanks in advance

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Re: D key stops working(new sub 37)

Post by Control_Voltage » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:55 pm

Hi there,

Andy Hughes from Moog Tech Support here!!! I am sorry to hear about the issue with your Sub 37, the best way to get assistance with an issue like this is to either go to our website and register your product(which activates your warranty) and then request an RMA(repair authorization) by clicking the link next to your product registration, or to contact us at the emails and/or phone number extensions below and we can assist you with determining if this needs to come to the factory and with setting up the RMA:

Nate Marino
[email protected]
xt. 204

Taylor Mott
[email protected]
xt. 217

Andy Hughes
Service Department Manager, Moog Music, Inc.
[email protected]
828-251-0090 xt 221

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