Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

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Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by Subber37 » Wed May 06, 2015 5:45 am


I managed to find a SUB 37 in stock in the UK so after enquiring with the retailer to confirm it was definitely new/unused/unboxed stock I then bought it. It was delivered next day (just now in fact), and aside from the box having loads of tape marks on it (and new retailer tape applied) it was also not double boxed. The polystyrene end protectors were both broken the box looked like it had been dropped. The synth itself thankfully looks to be OK. There is something rattling around inside it though which is faint so hopefully just a stray piece of polystyrene. It powers up and seems ok.

Contents wise there was the big black chart/poster thing (mostly screwed up I may add) and the manual + power lead. The manual states there should be a registration/warranty card included but there isn't. Is this a sign that it's definitely used/returned stock? if so I won't be happy after paying this much for my first brand new synth.

Also - not sure if they were limited to US customers or just the first 1000 units or something but there is no sticker, no pencils etc... does every SUB 37 come with those?

Also there was no sticker on the screen (plastic screen protector) and this out of the box shows minor scuffs and wear!! Is this normal to have no protector?

And lastly, I've noticed the pitch bend wheel isn't straight it's kinda off centre and moves with a light touch (to recentre it) I mean left to right not up/down pitch bend. - again is this just part of the hand built experience that should be expected? I'm not concerned about that as the rest of it is gorgeous and has a real quality feel (thanks moog!!) :) - I'm just trying to ascertain if the retailer lied to me about it being completely untouched.


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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by slabwax » Thu May 07, 2015 10:02 am

I don't want to point fingers and can't say for sure but it looks like you got a repack. No sticker covering the lcd is a big give away to me.I think I remember removing the sticker????

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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by vinnyburns » Thu May 07, 2015 11:46 am

Yes, I would say this is a return. Mine had the screen protector on the screen and was on the first preset when I turned it on.
Box was also intact.

PS, the pencils only arrived at a later date once I had contacted the distributer and told them they were missing.
Mine just arrived with manual and the poster.

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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by gian77 » Thu May 07, 2015 12:42 pm


I was wondering the same when i bought mine !
There was no protection on the LCD, no double-packing and the box was not in perfect shape.
I also noticed a tiny little mark near the CV inputs, like pencil.
Firmware was v1.0.7 and date of built (01-2015) was 1 month before the date of purchase, so a recent one.
I thought about a repacked, a customer return, someone opened or other ... i will never know !
However, as it work perfectly i finally think it's better than have a "buggy" brand new shinny untouched one ;)

Received Moog sticker a couple of weeks after registration.

Sure you Will love your Sub37 as every other owners :D
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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by ChiLam » Thu May 07, 2015 12:57 pm

I got mine without a protective screen too! The box was in pretty bad shape aswell. I asked the store and they sent me a mail to say that -:

"The Sub 37 doesn't ship with any sort of protective film, and was shipped directly from our distributors warehouse, and has not been opened."

Were they telling porkies then? :?

No pencils either. Firmware was 1.07 build date 12/2014.

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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by Mike37 » Thu May 07, 2015 2:12 pm

I know for 100% sure that my Sub 37 was brand new, as it came directly from the factory (via my local store), also proven by the production date. I did not have a protective sticker over the display, and no pencils or poster (couldn't care less about those things anyway). Otherwise, no issues with build quality or anything else. This is one brilliant synth IMO.

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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by Subber37 » Thu May 07, 2015 6:01 pm

Hi, my thread was ONLY just approved or I'd have deleted/edited it before it was read now I've got it all sorted. Thanks for all the replies though.

Basically yes it was a return, but the only official contents missing was the reg card (I asked moog to check the serial and it wasn't reg'd yet so all was well). Also the retailer admitted it later the same day I wrote this message, said it had been a mix up - :roll: :lol: - BUT you know what? they are pretty hard to get hold of right now, some say next week some gave me july/august as next stock... either way it was - after my nitpicking - in pretty good shape anyway. The box, I guess, doesn't really matter and I managed to get all the retailer tape off it without much further damage. The synth itself is a thing of beauty, can't stop playing with it... and I've got loads of synths here and had even more but this thing is magic! Feels so nice to program and looks the bomb! (is that still a saying?). ;0

Anyway it was all sorted in the end as they gave me £120 back as it was technically b-stock, I guess I'd have bought it as b-stock (in this good condition) for a reduced price VS non new stock anywhere I had looked anyway (except one dodgy small retailer).

So, am sorry for starting a needless thread as my first post here but all's well that end's well.

Moog were great btw, very helpful and sympathetic (even though not their fault at all) and confirmed only a certain amount went out with the pencils/stickers etc as a "thanks for being patient with no manual" and poss for the first X amount of early adopters so if you don't get pencils then don't panic it's the 'norm' if anything to get nothing but manual, reg card, poster/quickstart. As for protective film on the screen - remains a mystery but some people I asked said they had none, so if some of you did it could just have been random/oversight by Moog (maybe they meant to take them all off after fitting and forgot some?

Right... essay over, back to the SUB! :twisted:
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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by mattyp » Fri May 08, 2015 6:18 am

Mine was definitely brand new but no protective cover on lcd. Came with manual, poster and registration card. No pencils or sticker. Not even after i registered. i thought those were for US market only.
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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by Leviathant » Fri May 08, 2015 10:16 am

I pre-ordered mine in April 2014, received it in October 2014, and there was no pencil case or sticker, and that's just as well, because my keys were better aligned than the first batch, from the looks of things. I did, however, receive a sticker in the mail a couple of weeks ago :)

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Re: Brand New SUB 37 - but is it really new?

Post by Blackout » Fri May 08, 2015 8:07 pm

some distributors/retail stores claim they open the box up to update the Sub37 firmware, so it is most recent firmware for the customer when shipped.

mostly this is just an excuse for "whoops they realized that this was our demo unit in the store for a few months...let try on the firmware excuse and see if it flies..."

Mine was not double boxed. And did not come with a manual either. But it did come with pencils!

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