Samll sequencer example Sub37

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Re: Samll sequencer example Sub37

Post by ChiLam » Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:11 pm

Please can you elaborate a little Tyler? This sounds very interesting but i'm not sure I quite understand what you are describing when you say holding down notes while bulding a sequence to record the modulations on top! Sounds fascinating though :)

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Re: Samll sequencer example Sub37

Post by MoogProg » Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:54 pm

mmarsh100 wrote:So I was fooling around with the new sequencer stuff in 1.1 (I am a beta tester) and this came out:

^Very cool! Finally got a chance to listen just now, and it help me end the workday on up-beat note (pun intended). :D

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Re: Samll sequencer example Sub37

Post by Tyler » Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:23 pm

ChiLam wrote:Please can you elaborate a little Tyler?
... Sure, I'll try my best to explain. To date I've been entering sequences on the Sub 37 just as described in the manual. Recently, I was entering sequences with a particular ADSR setting (short attack longish sustain/release) so for example, if I strike a note (then let go) you hear the attack and short sustain release and that's it.

When entering 16, 1/16 notes... on playback (apart from the pitches changing) each note sounds (for the most part) sonically the same... just a bunch of 16th notes

But if I hold a note down and then (legato style) press another note to skip the attack due to the first note being held down and so on, then based on the modulation & waveform settings of the oscillators (I'm not in front of my synth right now to provide detailed settings) I'm getting a sweeping of wave modulation caring over from note to note to note like the swell of detuned beats with some amplitude modulation. So in other words... not just plunk, plunk, plunk. Well, when you (in a similar fashion) hold the notes down from note to note or say, hold down the the first note of your 16th notes sequence and keep it down while pressing not 2 and keep those 2 down while pressing note 3 et cetera. When you play back the sequence... you get these sonic or musical phrases unlike the original plunk, plunk, plunk (step, step, step) of the original 16th note sequence. (There's got to be a better way to describe this phenomenon). It has a lot more potential. Anyone else tried this? Or are more able to describe what I'm trying to say.

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Re: Samll sequencer example Sub37

Post by _DemonDan_ » Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:43 pm

Here's another way to describe it:

Page 17

After entering a note, pressing the TIE button will tie (connect) your previous note to the next note you play. If you play a different note from the previous one using a tie, you will hear the new pitch without triggering the envelopes.

If you play the same note as the previous one using a tie, you will effectively double the length of the note.

You can also create a tie between two different notes by pressing a second note before releasing the previous note. This shortcut will not work if you are in DUO MODE.

{These instructions will change somewhat for v. 1.1, but this is how it works right now.}
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