Moog Sub 37 fw update 1.0.6 failed

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Re: Moog Sub 37 fw update 1.0.6 failed

Post by Amos » Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:13 pm

Progocell wrote:Why moog doesn't implement a personal solution for updating firmware (not c6 elektron), in one step? a good solution, simple, efficace like SSD, motherboards, phone.

how can I reset my moog sub 37? (keys combo and procedure). anyone is Moog's technician here?
SSD, motherboards, phone are all very high-volume products from big companies :) Moog are very small... but we are indeed working on a one-step firmware update solution. It isn't ready yet, but we will have it as soon as we can.

If you are having trouble with the update, please read this thread which has helpful information for both Mac and Windows:

You absolutely can (and maybe should) turn off the Sub 37 and turn it back on, if you have a failure on Step 4.
If this happens, reboot the Sub 37 and send Step 3 and Step 4 again... but make sure you slow down the sending, according to my instructions in the link above.

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