Sub 37 feature suggestions - firmware updates

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Re: Sub 37 feature suggestions - firmware updates

Post by ChiLam » Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:01 am

Dapifer wrote:Regarding the step sequencer, it would be nice to have a reverse mode (like the back/forth mode without the forth).
Yes - and random would be nice too.

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Re: Sub 37 feature suggestions - firmware updates

Post by Bald Eagle » Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:17 pm

fiftydegrees wrote:
evileye wrote:
DaveBee wrote: 5. For newbies like me to not let the daw turn local control off as a default at least so you don't have a heart attack thinking your brand new synth is already broken (yeah ... happened :roll: ).
Personally, I've always want Local Control On/Off switches on the front panel I end up using them so much.
I want to echo this one, too. I kept thinking something was wrong with my Sub 37. Then I noticed its local control settings changed when Cakewalk SONAR started up. SONAR apparently lets you disable that (haven't tried it), but does anyone else feel the firmware should ignore this by default?
I don't think it should be the default but there should be some indication that local control is off. Usually after the initial panic attack I power off and back on and I would suspect that most everyone does the same. Then I'm watching the screen for any horrible errors. So my thought would be to briefly show a warning at that point to show that local control is currently off. I would think it should be a simple addition to the boot process and no other display or indicator functions are affected after boot is complete.

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Re: Sub 37 feature suggestions - firmware updates

Post by urbangipsy » Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:06 pm

1. A function to copy arpeggiator generated notes into sequencer.
2. Ability to double the current sequence (eg. I have a 16 notes seq going on, then I double it to 32 notes - copy/paste essentially)

Could be that I missed this somewhere...if so, please suggest ;)

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