help! my Pitch wheel detunes

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help! my Pitch wheel detunes

Post by Deanrijke » Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:02 pm

Hi everyone, as the title says, I am having a problem that I can't seem to solve.
I am relatively new with the technical side of things.

Lately my Moog sub37 seems to detune about a whole tone once I use my pitch wheel. Once I scroll the wheel up an octave the tone sometimes doesn't seem to get to the pitch perfect octave, sometimes a whole tone above that. And once I let go of the pitch wheel it physically comes back to what seems to be the center but tonally it seems to end of 1 tone lower then where it started from..

This problem is not consistant as sometimes it works perfectly fine. So I am not 100% certain the Pitch Wheel is maybe not ''moving'' quite correctly.

Is there a way to calibrate the pitch wheel from the menu? without having to screwdrive open my entire device?


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Re: help! my Pitch wheel detunes

Post by stiiiiiiive » Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:09 pm

Hi Dean.

I sometimes have a similar problem with my Little Phatty. I is audible when the pitch wheel amplitude is large, e.g. 1 octave, but I think it occurs with any setting; I feel it is mechanical and the fact it occurs overall after I haven't used i for a while tends to confirms my hypothesis.
Anyway, there is a pitch wheel calibration routine on the LP and I'm quite sure the Sub 37 has one too. The manual will certainly tell you how.

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Re: help! my Pitch wheel detunes

Post by charbot » Fri Sep 30, 2022 5:36 am

Sounds like the shaft of the pitch bend potentiometer is slipping inside where it mounts to the pitch wheel. This happened to my Sub 37. I dont remember exactly, but I do not believe that there is a set screw. The shaft is just press fitted into the wheel. The DIY fix is to remove the wheel section panel and add a drop of glue (maybe CA or epoxy... hot glue could possibly work well here too) to where the pot shaft and wheel meet to discourage any further slippage. Before gluing, you would also probably need to adjust the position of the shaft inside the wheel to make sure that it was at center when the wheel in centered.

Alternately, you can contact moog and ask about a replacement, like I did a few years ago. They sent me a whole new fully assembled wheel panel (both wheels) for a pretty reasonable price and I just had to swap it for the old one. pretty simple... just a few screws and wire connectors.

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