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Sub 37 Free Loops

Post by moogforum2 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:06 am

Well fans of the just wonderful Sub 37, in special the Tribute Edition (Just kidding, I don't want to start a polemic :) ), a little tired of reading in the forum just about failures, bugs, and the eternal: "Am not completely happy with the sound of my Sub 37" mehh, I took the decision of record some kicks and other percussion sounds made just with Sub 37 in 5 audio loops, that means I recorded the full loop programed in the synth and not just a one shot and repeat it in DAW, i used just presets by artist that Moog sponsored and some of the only commercial preset pack for Sub 37 available (so we can say that are professional presets!!! haha), all were recorded between C2 or C3, with a classic "House" pattern, i use a Focusrite 2i4 2 Gen Interface, standard quality cables, Ableton 10, and the setup suggested by chat and mail for recording synths that folks at Focusrite and Moog kindly provides me, some basic as: use full synth volume, gain between 0 and -10 db for the interface, among others), in any way this few loops are professional, also, they lack absolutely of any effect (that includes EQ), just want to show some usable percussion loops of the Sub 37, with the far intention of make a Sub 37 ONLY PROFESSIONAL Loop Pack in the future, so all the people that uses loops meet the ballsy sound of the Sub 37 , it should will includes basses, melodies, percs, kicks, and why not: some samples for making chords (Just dreaming for now), I advice you to hear this 5 loops without prejudice, I repeat: They are just a thorough loop home studio recording with the paw of the original Sub 37 not a big Loop Pack Project sample, greetings from Colombia (Not Columbia) for all the folks of Moog Music at NC and all the fans of the best synth manufactured by Moog (in my opinion) across the world

Loops Includes:
-Low Kick C2 Kick 4/4 Loop
-Snare/Clap Loop
-CL HH Loop
-Low Tom C2 Tom Loop
-808 Kick 4/4 Loop
Sub 37
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Re: Sub 37 Free Loops

Post by Helenaoki » Mon Nov 08, 2021 8:58 am

Making 808 samples sound better necessitates the consideration of two critical factors. To begin, we must adjust the Attack, Sustain, Decay, and Release settings to match the tempo of the sample. The second (and arguably more important) step is to experiment with the EQ tools built into your sampler or program. Unlike a guitar or synth sound, which has its fundamental frequencies upfront and relies on other frequencies as supplemental space fillers, the 808 sample packs sound like a giant mess of clattering metal scrap all mashed together into one huge soundscape that makes it difficult to focus on any individual frequency.

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