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Minimoog Voyager PE - Envelope 'Attack' problem

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:49 am
by bellealliance
After several years faultless operation, switched on my Voyager this week and some presets are now taking 30+ seconds to reach their correct initial volume level upon press and hold of any key. Other presets take several seconds and some just a couple of seconds. If the key is then released and any subsequent key played, the same happens.

However, if the first key played is kept held down until the preset reaches its correct volume level and then a second, third etc key is played (whilst still holding down the first key), the preset plays at its correct volume immediately.

Strangely and confusingly however, some presets play at their correct volume immediately on pressing first and all subsequent keys. The fault seems to have applied itself randomly across the presets/banks.

One consistent factor is that adjustments made to the ‘Attack’ pots on Volume and Filter Envelopes have no effect on any presets in any of the circumstances outlined above, despite the screen showing value adjustments as normal. Oscillators, filter and all else seem to operate as they should.

All points me to the analogue board IC problem, long-since acknowledged by Moog and including the issue of ‘envelopes triggering incorrectly’ affecting some mid-2010 – January 2013 manufactured Voyagers, discussed previously on this forum. Mine was purchased in UK November 2011, serial no. 3216, v3.5. Home studio use only,

Before I conclude the IC problem as the most likely cause, does anyone have similar experience or any other thoughts/pointers? All gratefully received by me as a first-timer here.

Re: Minimoog Voyager PE - Envelope 'Attack' problem

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:14 am
by Markyboard
You may very well be correct about the infamous MUX/DMUX being the source of the problem. I would check a couple of things that may explain differences from one patch to the next:

1) Everything in Local On with no midi control
2) Pot Mappings - set them all to 0% or ensure none of them are routed to any Envelope parameters.
3) I assume your Envelope gate switch is off but confirm

Re: Minimoog Voyager PE - Envelope 'Attack' problem

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 3:24 pm
by bellealliance
Thanks Markyboard, pointers appreciated.

1) Confirmed everything is 'Local On' with no midi control. Also, the Voyager is not connected to any external equipment
2) None is routed to any envelope parameters
3) ‘Env. Gate’ switch is in 'Keyboard' position

Any further suggestions welcome though to note I’ve now discovered the serial no. of my Voyager PE (3216) is within the range of those potentially affected by the faulty ICs on the analogue board so I guess I’m headed to [email protected] for advice on the best way forward. Obviously the unit is well outside of warranty so cost may be problematical for me as funds are rather limited.

Re: Minimoog Voyager PE - Envelope 'Attack' problem

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 11:12 pm
by DeckardTrinity
Voyager XL here, serial # is not in the range of affected units, but it's had its analog board repaired once already (for a faulty Pedal/On mod bus). Now it's the VCF Sustain portion of the envelope (and possibly decay but can't tell because no sustain). Got a quote for $45 / half-hour of repair tech time + return shipping, so not exactly a cheap repair. Given that I own a Sub 37 and quite a few other analog & digital synths, and this being only the second time I've ever had to get one repaired (both times now with this XL), I'm not exactly happy with the reliability. Seriously considering getting the repair done and then just selling it - not worth the aggravation and hassle of having to wonder if / when the next failure will occur, but it is the synth I go to when I want to just noodle.