Reissue Model D Midi issue

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Reissue Model D Midi issue

Post by jsharpphoto » Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:05 pm

I'm pulling my hair out.

I have a reissue model D. My ideal setup would be:

Synth with local control off > midi out into Ableton live > Ableton midi track using the model D as a keyboard/midi to the model D > audio from synth to my interface.

The reasoning for treating the keyboard and synth separately, is to use Ableton's arpeggiator/midi scales/etc and to record midi clips. I know I can record midi clips without turning local control off, but using the midi arpeggiator with local turned on creates a less than desirable real-time experience.

Here's where things are hanging up.
With local control off - I can record a clip but not hear the synth. If I play the clip back, I CAN hear the synth. So I know that the midi connections are correct, or it wouldn't properly record or playback. IT JUST ISN"T SENDING THROUGH IN REAL TIME. and I can't hear the synth while I record. It's madness.

I even tried to bypass Ableton all together, and just connect the midi out of the synth to the midi input of the synth, and I get no sound.

So what I can tell is that with local control off, it's somehow cancelling out the incoming midi signal.

To recap. With local control off, I can record midi from the keyboard, and send midi to the synth, but I can't do both at the same time?

I am up to date on firmware.
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Re: Reissue Model D Midi issue

Post by Minimooger » Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:02 am

that does not work because the local off implementation in the mini reissue is fishy . however there are modifications on the market which do a great leapfrog in terms of midi for the mini .

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