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a couple Model D mod ideas...

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:51 pm
by ummagumma
a couple things I would like to add to my model D:

1. add a "Drone" switch. This should be pretty easy, as it would just feed +5v to the gate/"Ext V trigger"
( for now I have been feeding +5v into the jack on the back, but a switch on the front would be easier, and allow standalone use )
2. add a "Sync" control, to sync OSC 1 & 2, like the Grandmother
3. add an "OSC 2" control toggle, so it can run independantly, just like OSC 3
4. add individual CV in & outs, for OSC 1,2,3. There is lots of room on the back, to put these

I made a mockup image here, based on someone else's D I found on the web. what do you think?


here is a direct image link, in case the forum code doesn't work, or scale up large enough ... mockup.jpg

Re: a couple Model D mod ideas...

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:53 pm
by unfiltered37
sounds like fun, but at the same time you are kind of changing what the instrument is, to more of a semimodular synthesizer rather than a self contained musical instrument, which is the main appeal of it to me. if you want to go that route, just get the behrginer clone. I mean do what you want, but I have always prized the simplicity and minimalism of the minimoog (I have a 70's model) with no modes except the pitch wheel deadband which is the only way to make the wheel usable for me, as intonation is an absolute must. I do control the filter using a pedal, but that's it. At various times I considered osc sync and other mods, but it hit me than any extra functionality would complicate an already complex instrument as compared to most acoustic or electric instruments. And I also play clavinet with a complex moogerfooger/CV setup, so even adding another MF would make me spend precious time experimenting, rather than making music. Same reason i never went modular and had to quickly get rid of the voyager.

Re: a couple Model D mod ideas...

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:51 pm
by stiiiiiiive
I tend to second that.

At some point, I stopped spending time patching (Clavia G2, virtual modular...) because I felt it was actually kind of putting me aside from making music. I did not go modular for that reason. That being said, I started using a lot of pedals, but I feel it's different because... not sure but I can take a keyboard out with or without pedals, depending on how simple I want the set-up to be, whereas I could not use a whole modular without any option for simplicity.

Unfiltered, I'm interested in what version of the Voyager you had. More precisely, was it an Old School? The real question behind is this: do you feel the complexity you ran away from was due to the vocie architecture itself or to the fact the Voyager has presets, many options etc?

Plus: I would be glad to know more about you Clavinet set-up :) Maybe through MP, not to hijack this thread.

Re: a couple Model D mod ideas...

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 11:11 pm
by ummagumma
yes, good points; and to be honest, I am considering not modding it at all

since it is now out of production: and if I am going to hack something up, I may as well do it on the Boog!

but I couldn't help but think about some things I would like to have on the Model D....especially to interface with 5U modular