Model D Reissue Midi - Basics

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Model D Reissue Midi - Basics

Post by trash116 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:12 pm

Hi everyone,

Sorry in advance for the extremely basic question here..... i've had tried to look on the internet and also referred to the Model D reissue manual - but I'm still alittle confused around the MIDI basics....

Looking at the manual, the model d has Midi In and Midi Out.....

Am i right in understanding that this means I can capture the notes played on the model d as midi notes in my DAW? and also that the model d can play back notes from any midi notes captured in my DAW?

Have i understood right or am i totally confused?

Also if my thinking is correct, how do i connect the model d to my audio interface (which has midi in and out) to do this

Sorry this is basic midi stuff --- but im a total noob...

Thank you

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Re: Model D Reissue Midi - Basics

Post by Analog Prophet » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:43 am

MIDI: In to out, out to in

Audio: Model D high audio out to soundcard input (any).

DAW: MIDI channel that correnspond to the MIDI channel of the Model D (normally MIDI channel 1, or All) AND audio that correnspond to the audioinput of your soundcard.

Bring the music on!

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