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Voyager Oldschool and VX 351. Alternatives?

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Voyager Oldschool and VX 351. Alternatives?

Postby Fiedelfinn » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:55 am


i just sold my mother 32 and got a Voyager Oldschool and I absolutely love it. The only thing i miss a bit are looping envelopes by plugging a square LFO into the gate in.
Of course this would be possible with the VX 351 expander, but i feel like its not really worth it for the oldschool. i cant use the XY pad outs and it already has the KB outs onboard.
so i thought about the following alternatives:

i could get a moogerfooger with an LFO, for example the ring modulator. Spending 300€ only for the LFO is ridiculous and i could only use the ring mod part of it when it tracks pitch. (which it only does with an attenuator i heard)
I will definitely get the mf103 anyway, but its not possible to trigger the Voyagers envelopes with a triangle LFO, am i right?

has anyone tried a multicore cable with a 25 pole connector? i could connect it to a patchbay to which i could also connect the voyagers CV inputs. That way I could even have the inputs at the front and not at the back. Not sure if this works though. any experiences?

my favorite alternative at the moment would be a small eurorack. I could use maths as a looping envelope (I only need AD), an envelope follower for external signal processing and as a attenuator. I could even bring the voyagers inputs to the front by connecting them to a few multiples. Later i would be able to further expand the voyagers sound palette by adding different filters and oscillators.
this is probably not the cheapest alternative, but definitely the one with the most possibilities.

any thoughts or experiences? :)
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Re: Voyager Oldschool and VX 351. Alternatives?

Postby BrianG » Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:00 am

I am also in search of alternatives but i dont seem to find any and which i find are not upto the mark. Need some professional's opinion.
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Re: Voyager Oldschool and VX 351. Alternatives?

Postby Markyboard » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:00 am

Option 3 is the most versatile and the one I went with just a couple of months ago by moving my single 84HP skiff over to the side of the room with my Voyager, Cwejman S1 and SEM. I use various VCO/LFOs, randomizer, wave folder and VCAs (Blinds for one) to take advantage of these semi-modular synths. You can start out slow but unlike everyone's warnings about opening Pandoras box, I have no desire to expand this into a full on modular. I have no filter modules because each semi has it's own.

I did buy another 104HP skiff to work with my Elements and Model D on the other side of the room where the 84Hp originally resided, but same concept. Again a few VCO/LFO, VCAs and Maths with this newest Skiff. Fun stuff.
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Re: Voyager Oldschool and VX 351. Alternatives?

Postby stiiiiiiive » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:32 am

Hi Fiedelfinn, welcome to the forum!

First off, the VX is a cool option as will expand not only the LFO but envelopes, aftertouch, etc and offer a multi and a couple attenuators. Combined with the Voyagers CV inputs, that starts to make a nice semi modular.

A MoogerFooger can be a cool solution as it will offer more than an LFO. Not sure if a triangle signal can trigger the Voyager's envelopes.

Now, if you need just a supplementary LFO without selling a kidney, I can think of two alternatives:
- Getting a CP-251, which will offer more than just an LFO (as the other Moog units quoted before)
- Getting a Copilot FX Broadcast: pedal with a tap-tempo-driven LFO, less expensive.
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