Voyager XL Oscillator 2 + 3 Tuning

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motion drive
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Voyager XL Oscillator 2 + 3 Tuning

Post by motion drive » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:58 am

I just realised that on my beloved Voyager XL OScillator 2 + 3 are slightly out of tune. When the display shows 0, both are +-16 cents below. I checked that with the software Tuner from Cubase. Now if I want the Oscillators to match exactly, I have to tune them -2 or -3. I guess that's not how it should be. I let everything warm up and tuned Oscillator 1 properly, but 2 + 3 are always a bit unison.

Any inputs what can be done in that case? Or is this behaviour just part of the whole analogue deal?

Thx for inputs.

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Re: Voyager XL Oscillator 2 + 3 Tuning

Post by Jamtime » Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:47 pm

I have tuned my Voyager with the help of the method in the Gearslutz link. I don't know if the XL shares the same analog board and/or layout. Its a blessing getting your Voyager in tune again if you are using presets, because they all take the starting point from that the Osc being in tune when at zero on the knobs and display. I believe you have to do this sometimes, nothing wrong about it.

I tuned osc2 and osc3 by listening for the osc to be in unison with the osc1. I also checked the tuning with the tuner in Logic, but really no need for that, you hear a proper tuning clearly.


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