Voyager Filter Glide soon to be fixed....

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Post by c7sus » Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:12 am

LWG wrote:
Purusha wrote:Is the glide mod really necessary though, and would it affect any patches set up for the system as-is?


The glide mod gives the Vger a character a bit closer to the Minimoog D.
Also, it does affect all patches that currently have the glide function selected. You can check out the difference if you have a VX/CP-251 combo.
The difference is enough that any patches that use just oscillator slewing would need to be re-programmed slightly (filter freq and kb tracking), because the addition of slewed votage to the filter makes them sound noticeably different.
Glide with and without slewing to filter are both useful in that if you have the Vger set up for simulations of Moog and non-Moog synths that use pitch slewing, but w/o filter glide, being able to disengage the filter glide keeps them authentic.
One possible solution would be to make the function selectable in the software, so that the function's status can be recalled with the patch.
Its not a complicated matter to make it switchable from the glide selector
switch, but having it selectable as a programmable function from the
parameter menu would be a little more elegant.
By having the filter glide function selectable from software (w/no filter glide as the default state), any patches w/pitch slewing previously programmed on Vger will sound the same and not require re-tweaking, and all new patches in which the user wants a character closer to the model D can have the function activated fron the parameter menu.
Rudi, I know things are busy, with the LP release, but how much trouble would this be to implement in the software?


Can you please elaborate on how the VX351/CP251 combo is utilized to achieve this end???

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Post by LWG » Sat Sep 02, 2006 3:02 pm

c7sus wrote:Can you please elaborate on how the VX351/CP251 combo is utilized to achieve this end???


You take the Vger's keyboard cv from the VX-351, patch it to the lag processor input on the Mooger CP-251, then connect the lag processor output to the filter cv in on top edge of Vger panel.
Even though you have it now patched, the speed of the filter glide has to be calibrated to be the same as the slewed signal (internally) routed to the oscillators.
One way of approximating this is to crank the resonance up enough to self- oscillate, increase keyboard tracking to the point that the filter sine wave pitch tracks with main audio oscillator (Osc1), but keep the main audio oscillator at the same approximate volume as the sine wave the filter is producing, activate the glide function in Vger's LH controller section and set glide rate to about half (or any rate that is easiest for you to calibrate the parameter).
You can now adjust the lag processor's rise and fall time so that the glide
will track at about the same rate and range as the slewed oscillator signal.
When they're closely matched to about the same rate, you can then decrease the resonance and use the filter as normal.
The filter frequency should now slew at the same rate (or about the same)
as the oscillator glide.
I say "about the same" because when its done by ear, using an external lag processor, its an approximation and not exact as when the oscillators and filter share the same lag ckt.



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Post by c7sus » Sat Sep 02, 2006 3:46 pm

Thank you very much. I'm gonna try that out this weekend.

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Post by MFenkner » Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:54 am

For those that have had the Filter Glide fix done, are there any regrets? I was planning to get this done (actually, my MMV is at the factory now!) but the idea of screwing up many of the presets worries me a little. If they are easy to tweak back to normal, no big deal.

I'm curious if I could install a switch to turn the Filter Glide on and off. From the few details posted, it sounds possible. I guess I'd have to see what was done to know for sure.



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Post by mee3d » Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:25 am


As my SE is out of warranty, Amos has just posted me the mod... looks simple enough but here's a question for you.

Given that this functionalty can't be software selected, could I not put in a toggle switch?

I could route a switch somewhere were it is discreet... just wanted to know whether you thought having the option NOT to have the filter glide was worth making a modification?

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Post by MC » Wed Sep 06, 2006 4:44 pm

Sure, you could put in a toggle switch.

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