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Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:32 pm
by MisterTait
I am a new Minimoog Model D owner (reissue) and have some newbie questions regarding tuning.

I noticed today that my Mini is out of tune by a half-step so when I press the C key it plays a C#. Of course, when I set the main TUNE knob (in the CONTROLLERS section on the left) one notch counter clockwise (-.5) the Mini is back in tune, but I want to get it back to normal.

Couple questions:

1) Is this normal for a Mini to get out of tune this quickly? I have had it sitting in a temp-controlled environment for only 3 weeks, seems excessive to need tuning love already... but again, this is my first mini so what to I know.

2) Do I need to get out my screwdriver and adjust all three Oscillators' SCALE/RANGE independently on the back panel, or is there another way? The three oscillators are in tune with one another, it is just the master TUNE I want back to zero.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you moogerfoogers.

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:47 am
by till
About ±0.5 units on the tune knob is total in the range other MiniMoog are.

Better don't try to scale your unit yourself, unless you know exactly what you are doing.
And one thing to know is: don't use a metal screwdriver.

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:39 pm
by MisterTait
I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying it is normal for a Minimoog to be out of tune by +/- .5 on the master tune knob?

If not, how should I go about tuning this sucker? You think I shouldn't do it without a technician? It seems pretty easy according to this video:

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:12 pm
by till
My Minimoog (built 1979, owned since the early 80ies) is normally set at +0.9 to be in tune with the reference 440 Hz and my other instruments. It used to be +0.5 in the 90ies for my unit.
But hey, I am also not the same as in the 80ies :-)

The video link does show a before 1978 Minimoog. It had less tuning trimmers then the later original Minimoogs. I think the reissued Minimoogs got the later number of trimmers. So this video is not 100% fail save.

And as those trimmers do interact and there are three oscillators, it will take some time to get them really right.

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:32 pm
by MisterTait
After restoring the global factory settings it is back in tune! Not sure how that works, but I guess it needs a "reset" from time to time.

That's awesome you've had a Mini for that long! How many times have you tuned it, if at all?

I checked, and the Minimoog re-issues actually do have the same number of trimpots as in the Youtube video I posted. This leads me to assume the video would be a good reference, of course I could be wrong.

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:01 pm
by hofi
I bought a Model in November 2016. I have a question.
I noticed how OSC 1 does not hold tuning 440 Hz, and I have more and more correct MASTER TUNE. The current value is about -0.4 (-0.5).
The instrument I use at home. Is it normal? Do I have to calibrate?

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:38 pm
by Chimponaut
My original Mini has been through the ringer! But it always manages to stay within the Master Tune Knob range. Some days it is more off then others. Last night I had it set at -1.6. Today it likes -1.1. I like it this way, keeps me on my toes.

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:29 pm
by ummagumma
that is a bonus feature!!

you wanted the real thing...well there you go, you got it ;)

just joking around, as I am envious of anyone who picked one up. I think they are supercool

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:36 am
by Waza
Another thing how long have you left it on for. I've noticed with mine is that after 30 minutes warm up I need to slightly tune the master tune. But after say about 3 hours I have to set it back to zero as then it's only in tun, with the master tune set at 0. I've also noticed that the the longer it's in the more the sound has a very nice tone to it.

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:33 am
by captainkidd
Ok I just checked my reissue, I have to set mine about -1.2 to tune it to the 440 reference. It's been on for a couple hours too so it should be stable. This is a bit concerning. I've had it for a few months now but haven't really messed with tuning it up. Just been banging away most the time since I am not really that great of musician so never exactly noticed too much. Hmmmmm.....

Re: Minimoog Master Tune knob

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:41 am
by Waza
Well if your wanting to tune it yourself give the support guys an email and ask them in detail. They will be more than happy to help. All I would say is I would also use your daw's tuner to tune it as well.

Give yourself a day to do this and take your time and remember do not hit the sides with the screwdriver that can screw up your tuning.

Good luck and I'm sure you'll have it sorted