Creating Chords with a Voyager

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Re: Creating Chords with a Voyager

Post by astricii » Tue May 06, 2014 12:52 am

johnxjay wrote:Hey everyone,

Sort of new to the community, but not new to moogs. I'm trying to make chords with minimoog voyager (RME). I was wondering how some of you create chords using the minimoog. If lets say I wanted to create a cmaj chord, CEG, and considering that its a monosynth, would you just play the notes separately, record each note into audio, then merge audio together? I'm trying to get a sound like Deadmau5, some of his xfer samples has moog chords in it and I was wondering how he did it. The explanation I described above? Or did he combine his 50 moogs into 1 or something... Any thoughts/ideas appreciated. Thanks for reading :D


To get that DeadMaus plucky chord sound. you detune your Osc 2 and 3 to a Maj 3rd and a perfect 5th

Keep all the Osc. set to a saw tooth wave. and set up a plucky Amp/Filter Env. a little Glide and mapping the Mod wheel to the filter cutoff can help so you can brighten it up for builds etc.

Enjoy! :)


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