Voyager Percussion and Sub Phatty Comparison

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Voyager Percussion and Sub Phatty Comparison

Post by archer » Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:42 am

Hello all,

I'm back to a moog-based setup. I picked up a Voyager again (this time upgrading from an Old School to a Performer) and finally have come to terms with the fact that the Voyager is possibly the most intuitive, musician-friendly and quality standalone synthesizer in existence. I'm very happy with it.

In addition to my Dot Com modular, I'm cross-patching and coming up with wonderful new sounds. One area of patching that I think I could use some help with is percussion, since I mainly use samples, but want to switch to 100% user-created analog percussion. However, I can't seem to get a nice punchy snare. I'm a big fan of Joy Electric, and he apparently uses a Voyager for 100% of his monophonic compositions. What I want to know is how he gets such a punchy snare from a Voyager.

Below is an example...

Any advise, tips and tricks to get that kind of snare sound would be much appreciated. I have a feeling a CP251's noise source may have been used instead, but please let me know if that noise source is that much different than the Voyager's.

Also, I'm looking into picking up a Sub Phatty in the near future. In your opinion, is it really that much different than a Voyager to justify a 800-900 dollar purchase? Again, I already own a dot com modular, which has its own character, but is still very moog-like. How much different are the VCOs and is the Multidrive function the main difference in tone? I tried a Little Phatty for a while and hated the interface, I need one knob per function.

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Re: Voyager Percussion and Sub Phatty Comparison

Post by Vsyevolod » Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:23 pm

I have a Voyager SS. A friend brings his SubPhatty over to my studio all the time. I'd say that the two are very complementary, they each will do things that the other doesn't. I really don't care for the small range of the Sub keyboard, so we MIDI it up to a larger one. Other than that, I have nothing but great things to say about the SubPhatty. The Multi-Drive function is worth its weight in gold.



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Re: Voyager Percussion and Sub Phatty Comparison

Post by ColorForm2113 » Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:15 pm

one of my favorite snare/ clap patches is using the two mod busses to modulate the filter with vco 2 and 3 ( in the audio range). set both to square waves and set them at varied intervals and octaves. use vco 1 in the upper octaves and noise as the sound source. set the filter and vca envelopes to tight punchy settings ( you can send one then to pitch to if you like)
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Re: Voyager Percussion and Sub Phatty Comparison

Post by robml » Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:39 am

im not really into making percussion sounds on synths, but i do have considerable experience with making distorted sounds with tranny/opamps.

the multridrive in the sub phatty is really really good. im not sure which opamp they used, but is got a really smooth tube style feel overdrive, maybe a lm358?? guessing. whoever designed it spent a lot of time on it. i'd love to see the schem.

anyway, i use the multidrive on the subphatty to add harmonics to everything. everything. ;) if you're looking for phatter sounds, buy a sub phatty.


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